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The Mirror Work for Stress Relief

/My Own Mirror Work Self-Observations/ Let’s talk about how you can attain a peaceful and stress free life after you change your focus from “what’s wrong with me” to “everything is now OK”. Easy to be said but not so easy to be done, is it? Therefore, let me introduce to you a very useful […]

How to Receive the Universal Guidance and Use it for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about how we usually react on stressful situations in life. We usually try to battle stress and even think that stress is like an invisible enemy threatening us from everywhere. As women, we are too sensitive and we want to make the most of our life the way we think it should be […]

How to Use the Violet Flame for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about how important it is to be well-balanced and focused throughout the day. This is the way for us to go if we want to live a stress-free and happy life, life without anxiety and worries. The conception of being here now or being on the flow of life is very natural and […]

Being an Independent Observer for Stress Relief

/My Coffee Reading for Inner Blockages and Stress Relief/ Have you ever been in a situation where everything you think or do seems to get zero results? If so, continue reading about another story related to stress relief. Some of you have been following my blog for a while and my blog is the place […]

My Healing Practice with a Lit Orange Candle for Stress Relief and More

We all know that stress stalks us from everywhere. Sometimes we feel as if we have to face a very little known and almost invisible enemy bringing us much more tension and anxiety on a regular basis. Not long ago a dear friend of mine passed away in a road accident and entered the world […]

The Wheel of Life and Stress

/The I Am Mantra/ Let’s talk about one thing that makes the basis of life foundation. It is called The Wheel of Life presented by an ancient symbol. I got familiar with this concept many years ago when I completed one of the most popular trainings in Europe named The Human System of Self-Healing  based […]

My “Up-to-date” Formula for Stress Relief

/Universal Guidance Given to me for Family Karma Release/ Let’s talk about how you can attain a peaceful and abundant life by focusing on your core essence and doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled. I have experienced a lot of complicated and stressful situations so far and have learned that life is […]

Easy Stress Relief Practice

Let’s now talk about how useful it is to have some selected simple tips and methods in our first-aid kit together with the casual stress relief practices  in order to successfully cope with the daily stressors. There is one very useful practice and I am going to share it with you below. Modern life always […]

Powerful Stress Relief Technique

Let’s talk about one of my favorite techniques for daily stress relief.   What I am going to share with you now is a very simple and easy to do technique that will certainly help you to reduce your daily stress to the bottom line. But first I want to remind you of one basic principle […]

Powerful Stress Relief Technique of the Golden Egg

Let’s talk about how you can detach and protect yourself from stress on a daily basis in a very simple and powerful way. We all live quite an intensive and stressful life and whenever things go out of control we feel imbalanced and troubled more than usual. We all know that the key point and […]