About The Author

Pravda Antonova

Pravda Antonova has experience and expertise in:

• Fitness business (more than 15 years) – instructing and helping many women to lose weight and be healthy and fit;
• Aerobics and callanetics practice;
• Dance and stretching workshops, and daily practice;
• Weight and cardio trainings;
• Physical and energetic exercises;
• Silva method practice and healing;
• Meditation and breathing techniques;.
• Aromatherapy and mudra practice
• Color therapy and color application for well-being and creativity development;
• EFT and usage of energy tools and medicines for stress and anxiety healing.

The Author’s foreword:

All these things, which I had personally tried, helped me to reduce stress, weight and belly fat in the most convenient and natural ways. The above methods and techniques are very simple and practical; so they will for sure bring you the desired results, if you are committed to apply them and enjoy practicing them. They all work and will create miracles for you. I use them for myself on a daily basis and I have helped many others to use them successfully. After years of struggle I have finally found the most effective ways for releasing anxiety and letting go of daily stress triggers, so that I could really enjoy my life journey. I want to share here my discoveries with you and hope that you will find what is exactly for you, apply it and return with your feedback and comments. Welcome!

After many years on the path of personal growth I found out that all techniques and practices, which I share in this booklet, were helpful work for almost every woman I worked with. I personally tried them all and can verify their positive effect on reducing daily stress in life.

I have been engaged for many years in the fitness industry and from my own experience I learned that every woman is unique, so I recommend you try all these simple, but effective  methods and devices in order to  see what works is best for you.

As an aerobic and callanetic instructor I know that the most natural way to get uplifted and motivated and mood is to work on the physical level and observe the results. This is also the best way to transform and release all your negativities and low vibrational energies in a gentle, but powerful way.

Practicing mudras (finger poses) and color therapy may also help you reduce the daily stress triggers as it has helped me. Going into a meditative state regularly will make you more centered and balanced and I can assure you that this is the key to success in life and learning to live at the present moment. I challenge you to follow my guidance and do at least one of the techniques shared and for sure, you will begin to enjoy your life journey and celebrate with me!

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