Green Energy Practices for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about the meaning of green color. Green is the color of – not only of your physical, but also of your energetic heart. It is the border color between the cold and warm colors in the rainbow– thus, it gives us balance, harmony and pure joy. It represents also love and compassion as being the essence of your energetic heart.

The heart energetic center is located in the center of the chest. It connects the physical energies with the spiritual ones.

Emerald Green is the most healing color because this is the healing energy of Mother Earth.

Green is the color of health and energy boost.

Nature is predominantly green. Growth, hope, harmony and health are also green qualities. Green is the color of self-control and compassion.

Green has a very strong vibration. This is the square form in sacral geometry that represents Earth.

It stands for stability, hard work, and justice, so it is the driving force in a community. Everyone could feel that energy behind their spine.

Money and finances, all luxury things are symbolized by green color.

So how can we activate those positive features of green energy and use it along the way?

Two of my favorite green practices:

  1. Green Practice Number One: The easiest way is to put a picture painted in green on your desk and to contemplate it often during the day in order to get the most of that healing and rejuvenating energy.
  2. Green Practice Number Two: Another way to implement the green qualities inside yourself is to walk outdoors and enjoy nature. It is as simple as that – just look at nature and let that healing and harmonizing energy enter your body and mind through the eyes.

Why two you may ask?

The answer is that number 2 represents the balance between feminine and masculine energies, so it is better to stop here and implement at least one of them

Right now you can empower yourself and your life by doing one or both of these practices on a daily basis. Remember that Nature is predominantly green, so there is not a better way to become one with the Field of all that is.

All colors have their own unique way to empower you along the way of personal growth and conscious living making each and every day of life fabulous and great.

Wish you success.

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