The Orange Energy Practice for Stress Relief

Let’s talk next about the meaning of orange color. Orange energy is joyful and creative.

It is the energy of quite easy-going, health, success, encouragement, change happiness, freedom and sexuality.

Orange represents the wellness guru who makes compassion, passion and warmth come true.

This is the energy of increased socialization and stimulated mental activity.

The orange energy is perfect for decision-making, confidence and understanding.

When you wear orange clothes you always gain attention.

I have already written that orange is the only missing energy in my name and I have had a great resistance to it.

Orange also represents social contacts and chatting with friends. Therefore, you can use its qualities to gain better perspective on how things and relationships really are as it enhances the activity of senses and brings a boost of inspiration your way.

Let me share my powerful Orange Energy Practice with you.

Orange Energy Practice Description:

  1. Laughter is the best orange energy that you can use to empower yourself when life treats you not the way you want it to.
  2. Deep breathing of orange energy will give more oxygen to your body, mind and spirit and things could be easily arranged by doing just that simple breathing exercise.
  3. As guilt and need to be right are also connected to the orange energy you can use the following affirmation throughout the day “I am the Creator of my own life. I open my eyes for all possibilities along my way and I let go of all that serves me no more.”

I recommend you to make the Orange Energy Practice for at least7 days, so there could be enough time to observe what new and powerful is entering your life when you act as a Creator.

The second energetic center or sacral chakra is represented by the orange color, so you can feel more comfortable in life by using its qualities and simply knowing that by the Pythagorean Method orange corresponds to the number 2 which in general implies relationships. If you take care of your most important relationship that is with your true and authentic self, other people you interact with, will match that vibration and you will be in harmony and balance with them. There will be no more stress and insecurity, no more fear and misunderstandings when you approach the relationships in your life in the best orange way.

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