How to Use the Indigo Energy for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about the meaning of the indigo color.

Indigo relates to Higher Realms, intuition and being visionary. The third eye has been well presented in our ancestor’s life.

The opened third eye gives us a possibility to view all things around us, both visible and invisible, which brings us strength, courage and more opportunities along the way.

But in order to see this, in order to embrace that gift, you have to trust your intuition and inner knowledge. Sometimes most of the stuff lies beneath the surface, but now it is also physically presented in our life, therefore we need courage and wisdom to complete the lessons we are meant to learn on Mother Earth.

Indigo is the color of devotion, structure, law and justice.

Indigo helps relax the busy or confused mind.

It is a combination of two colors and their qualities – deep blue and violet, .i.e. understanding and communication with physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.

Indigo is the gate to Cosmic Father God and can connect you with every particle of the entire Unified Cosmic Field.

The best indigo quality is service to humanity in order to make the world a better place.

Indigo stimulates the right brain activity, aka the creative one. It is the color of performance, stage, theatre and loves to be shown.

Usually it is the actor or actress who could be very unpredictable in nature.

Indigo loves rituals, ceremonies, and traditions, even sometimes it may become an addiction.

The negative indigo manifestations could lead to depression, intolerance and fears whether able to live the desired life.

I have used indigo for many years to develop my intuitive skills. Being a very logical person in my core, I did realize that some things exist no matter that you cannot touch or see them in the physical plane.

My intuition helped me many times when I felt out of balance. I used some indigo gemstones in order to become more intuitive and sensitive.

All energetic work I did helped me gain back some of the indigo qualities which I had by birth as a person born on the 6th day of the month.

 If you want to have those indigo qualities of intuition and inner knowledge, you need to do your own work.

Here I would like to share with you an indigo practice I used a lot.

My Indigo Practice Description:

Every time you need some self-discipline and precision observe an indigo color for some time. It could be an indigo candle on your desk, a poster or a little sheet of indigo paper.

Look at it, think of the indigo qualities and bring those qualities into your life through the eyes. Empower yourself by that magical color.

Magic is real. It is part of our three, four, five dimensional and multidimensional journey, don’t forget it.

If you want things to flow easily to you and to have that inner knowledge and wisdom along your way, try to implement some indigo qualities and make some place for magic in your life.

Try to look at an indigo paper every day for at least 7 days in a row and see how your life will improve.

Indigo corresponds to number six. In classical numerology six is the number of love and Venus is the Goddess of Love and harmonic relationships. Therefore, if you integrate some indigo in your life, you can benefit from all qualities of Venus and create your family and all your relationships based on it.

Nothing more to say. Try it, do it in one or another way and see what new things will enter your everyday life in a powerful and magical way.

If you wish, you are welcome to share your results with me.

Be indigo, feel indigo and go indigo in order to fulfill your dreams!

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