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Becoming Your Best Version (BYBV)

Some Thoughts to ponder on, especially if you are in your 18-teens or even mid 20-ties We are facing difficult times now. Therefore, it is necessary to become stronger and calmer as circumstances all over the planet trigger us to do spontaneous life changes. The global situation with Covid 19 has put to this additional […]

Trust Yourself and Make Things Happen

Have you ever heard that when you are in the state of allowing things flow easily to you and through you? If not, let me explain briefly what the state of allowing is. We are energetic beings in our nature vibrating on a certain frequency level. The less resistance we hold deep inside our core, […]

How to Use the Indigo Energy for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about the meaning of the indigo color. Indigo relates to Higher Realms, intuition and being visionary. The third eye has been well presented in our ancestor’s life. The opened third eye gives us a possibility to view all things around us, both visible and invisible, which brings us strength, courage and more opportunities […]

How to Use Blue Energy for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about the meaning of the blue color. Blue is a connection between the Mother Earth and Cosmic Father God. It is the color of communication. It is also the color of male energy. Blue color has a very powerful impact on both body and mind. It is the color of loyalty, importance and […]

Green Energy Practices for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about the meaning of green color. Green is the color of – not only of your physical, but also of your energetic heart. It is the border color between the cold and warm colors in the rainbow– thus, it gives us balance, harmony and pure joy. It represents also love and compassion as […]

Yellow Energy Practices for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about the meaning of the yellow color. Yellow is the color of the third chakra located in the middle of the chest, below the ribs. It is also known as the Solar Plexus. “Am I good enough?” is the predominant yellow question that you may ask yourself.  My answer to it is very […]

The Orange Energy Practice for Stress Relief

Let’s talk next about the meaning of orange color. Orange energy is joyful and creative. It is the energy of quite easy-going, health, success, encouragement, change happiness, freedom and sexuality. Orange represents the wellness guru who makes compassion, passion and warmth come true. This is the energy of increased socialization and stimulated mental activity. The […]

The Red Energy Practice for Stress Relief

Let’s talk now about the meaning of red color. Red is a color of the root chakra located at the base of the spine. Life begins through this center. Red has a very strong energy that helps us stay alive. It is related to the connection with Mother Earth that gives us courage to belong […]

When Life Kicks You off to Go beyond Your Limits or Spiritual Awakening

Let’s talk about something very common that happens when you are about to awaken and step on the path of your personal transformation. You know there are no coincidences in life and at certain time life kicks you off and shakes you beyond your own limits. It happened to me 3 years ago and shortly […]

Practicing Silence Will Make You Strong and Free

Have you ever heard the statement that the morning is wiser than the evening? If so you are at the right place and time /for there is an optimal space-time reality that is different than the one we have created for ourselves in our mind/. Let me briefly explain to you why I am writing […]