Trust Yourself and Make Things Happen

Have you ever heard that when you are in the state of allowing things flow easily to you and through you?

If not, let me explain briefly what the state of allowing is.

We are energetic beings in our nature vibrating on a certain frequency level. The less resistance we hold deep inside our core, the easier the process of manifestation will be.

In order to get the connection with your core essence you have to quiet your mind. You are not your mind or your chaotic thoughts, right?

You are more than that!

You don’t need to please others in order to be loved and accepted.

You don’t have to take too many responsibilities, either.

Please, don’t put yourself in a position where many people count on you.

Really! I used to do it before and it caused me a lot of unnecessary worries and stress all the time.

Make peace with where you are right now!

Stop your inner resistance and self-sabotaging thoughts and then, only then, you can really go where you want to be.

In fact, it is not so difficult to do it. But your inner resistance and overthinking make it difficult.

Whenever you feel stressed, angry or overwhelmed and you don’t see solution or immediate exit just stop and let it go.

When you are seeking for an answer and you don’t have an instant result – calm your mind and let go of the mental chatter and self-sabotaging thoughts like “I am not good enough, I am not smart enough”, etc.

Because you are doing it well for your level of development, everything is alright and the problem is only in our head.

The problem is not in your core essence.

When you connect with your core essence things become so easy!

And the best way to make this connection is through breathing.

Just pause you brain and logic.

Make place for your intuition and inner guidance.

How to do this? Let me give you a simple practice of relaxation.

A Simple Relaxation Practice:

  1. Sit down with closed eyes and start breathing.
  2. Inhale and exhale for at least 5 min being focused on your breadth and letting go of the passing thoughts.

That’s all you are looking for.

Less thoughts and less inner resistance! Free and calm breathing.


Because in a state of relaxation there comes into place your core essence and the sensation of relief.

You focus yourself on the flow of breathing that calms the mind and all those blocking thoughts go away.

The exercise of focusing attention on your breath will also stop the feelings of shame and blame.

Focusing on your breath is the key to feeling good and letting go of expectations and specific attitudes to specific things in life.

You are doing fine!

The minute you feel like this life pushes you forward in the direction you want because you trust yourself, so you can make things happen in an easy non-resistant way.

Remember: the path of less resistance is the path your inner being knows. No more, no less. You can choose which path to follow.

If you are attached to self-sabotaging thoughts, these thoughts will override the other thoughts you have in mind.

If you believe you are a big loser than you will lose.

If you believe you are a winner than you will win.

Remember ABBA’s song “The Winner takes it all, the Loser standing small…”

You don’t want to stand small, right?

So make things happen through you and not to you – trust yourself.

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