Practicing Silence Will Make You Strong and Free

Have you ever heard the statement that the morning is wiser than the evening?

If so you are at the right place and time /for there is an optimal space-time reality that is different than the one we have created for ourselves in our mind/.

Let me briefly explain to you why I am writing that after practicing silence for six months in a row after my father’s death.

I think I am a self-aware person, therefore it is obvious for me that I have a free will but I am responsible for my decisions and actions, so I  understand the power of one’s will as a foundation of the human life.

As a certified Theta Healer who has been on his unique journey I was trained to work with different energies and to connect myself to the Unified Quantum Field in order to get inspiration and wisdom from it when I needed it.

I have been using the power of silence before my dad‘s death and I knew how powerful this process could be when you want to become balanced and get in harmony with yourself and with your family especially in hard times when illnesses kick you off the road.

Compassion to everything  is one part of the equation called life but when it comes to its expression you have to be totally aligned with the Field in order to get the most of the information that is there waiting for you to receive it through contemplation, meditation or other types of energetic work.

And silence is the route to get in touch with the Field because it helps you go easier and faster into the inner state of channeling and getting the guidance you need.

How to practice silence is a matter of one’s own choice but here I am going to describe the way I did it after my father’s death.

I would like to share my own experience with Practicing Silence.

How does it work?

First of all, Silence with a capital letter helps you connect with your true self. It centers yourself and helps you be more concentrated and focused onto your inner world. As we all know the outer world just reflects the inner’s one. Therefore, practicing Silence is so powerful and brings you outstanding results.

Secondly, when you practice Silence you have a better access to the Quantum Field because you are not wasting your unique energy reservoir through expressing thoughts and emotions. You stay in silence – that is all.

Why do I called it practice? Because it has a lot to do with the entire process of obtaining some practical qualities to make it really well done.

So, you need to practice regularly and do it in such a way that to have the desired results. The desired, not the expected ones… because when it comes to your expectations of life everything could go the way down.

The 30-Day Silence Practice:

You can start practicing silence for at least 10 min. daily /both in the morning and in the evening/ when you are at the beginning of something new that makes you feel imbalanced or insecure, stressed or even depressed.

Then you can go further if you want to master the process or when you have more questions about the way your life unfolds because silence will open the gate to the Field and you will have a better vision and understanding about everything that hits on your door.

That’s the way Silence works. It makes you more conscious and self-aware; thus you make better choices, better actions and transformations, right?

Because each choice, conscious or not, is a little transformation and each transformation is a step ahead to fulfill your life mission and become a more expanded and aware version of your true and authentic self.

In my case, I have learned the most important lesson in my life so far and it was about avoiding labeling and controlling things in my surroundings by applying compassion, love and gratitude.

But you should do the work at first place for yourself. Remember that other people only reflect as mirrors the way you relate to yourself, no more no less.

So, to facilitate the connection with your inner self I challenge you to practice Silence for at least a month or 30 days.

This is the way to connect easier and faster with the Field in order to understand what is really going with you and your entire life. There is no quick fix for all this stuff, but the Silence Practice Recipe will do the work for you and will pay you off for years ahead.

Just do it as I have done it and I can guarantee that your world will change.

Remember: You don’t need to practice silence for 6 months like me. Make it for at least 30 days – and bet you will have results.

Why 30 days. You may ask?

Because number 3 represents a new beginning and zero stands for the Universal guidance and support.

So, give it a try and you will be surprised at the numerous positive effects in your life.

If you want you can share your results with me.

You can read more relevant information in my eBook "How to practice the lesson of BYBV". You can download the eBook for free right now!
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