The Red Energy Practice for Stress Relief

Let’s talk now about the meaning of red color. Red is a color of the root chakra located at the base of the spine. Life begins through this center. Red has a very strong energy that helps us stay alive. It is related to the connection with Mother Earth that gives us courage to belong to this planet. Red represents a desire for life and signifies the leader by nature. Red is also creative and dynamic. It gives us power, courage, and self-control.

Red represents the physical energy, passion and desire. It is linked to the most primitive physical, emotional and financial needs of survival, therefore when the chakra is blocked or not functioning well, we feel stressed and insecure.

Red always represents activity, activism and the action taker. It can remove fear and blockages when life goes in an unwanted direction.

Red energy is represented by the number one according to the Pythagorean Method. Number one in general is the Magician who can create everything himself in his own life.

After years of making color readings, let me give you the simplest red energy way that can help you get back on track when you feel stressed and insecure.

I call it the Red Energy Practice.

Red Energy Practice Description:

  1. When you feel insecure and stressed, remember that you can always use the power of the red color. When you want to be noticed put on some red clothes and see the result.
  2. You can contemplate a piece of red color paper on your desk when you want to overcome your own challenges and struggles.
  3. You can also breathe the color red visualizing how its energy is spreading throughout your entire body, mind and spirit healing all fears and negativities.
  4. You can repeat the following affirmation throughout the day “I accept my life as it is with gratitude and deep understanding that all goes for my higher good”.

I recommend you to make The Red Energy Practice for at least 7 days, so there would be enough time to release all unwanted fears and untreated emotions especially at the end of the year.

Remember that Christmas is represented by the color red in combination with the other colors but mainly with white, silver, gold and Green.

“Why green?” – you may ask. The answer is that a joyous holiday season could be well represented by passion, love, harmony and balance which are combinations of red and green.

Let me share some information about colors white, silver and gold.

White stands for wholeness and completion. White is the color of new beginnings we are all reaching for at the end of the year. It gives us the way to simplify our life.

Silver and gold are colors that are well-connected to wealth, success, prosperity and power. Silver works like a mirror for the soul, gold on the other hand, represents the magical wisdom and knowledge from the Cosmic Filed.

Remember that you can use different colors to empower yourself while making your own journey on Earth.

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