When Life Kicks You off to Go beyond Your Limits or Spiritual Awakening

Let’s talk about something very common that happens when you are about to awaken and step on the path of your personal transformation. You know there are no coincidences in life and at certain time life kicks you off and shakes you beyond your own limits.

It happened to me 3 years ago and shortly to be said, my transformational journey started in 2011.

I have released some of my family karma by doing very powerful practices like past life regressions, family constellations, along with my day-to-day Theta Healing Practice. In other words, I have gone beyond my own limits and have released some of the blockages stopping me along the way. I can’t remember even my comfort zone at that time and now when I look back I realize that my transformation has taken place for eight years in a row.

I have learned some of my hardest lessons in life that have to do with my engineering background and my long engagement in the fitness industry. In my experience, when you deal with many things, in fact, you are good at nothing.

I realized that maybe my ego was too big and it triggered me to go in a well know direction – the direction of the full-time job of an engineer, but that would engage most of my time and energy,  which I could use for helping people make Theta Healing Transformations with The Energy Of All That Is. Who knows? Maybe I will gain some better perspective but for now I am still angry and nervous no matter how many meditative practices I do daily.

Why Am I in such a mood you may ask, and the answer is simple – the simplest it could be because I had lost my self-confidence. I am still searching for a full-time job with no success: the reason is that I do not want to be a civil servant again. At the same time my only income is from Theta Healing and from training a small group of women in a fitness center. That is another lesson I have to pass again, after I have quitted my work as a fitness instructor at the gym. I was doing my workouts at home when a friend of mine asked me to help her with some of her trainees a month ago and because of my financial issues I agreed to do this.

Now I cannot even answer myself whether I am on the right path. Am I doing the right work I came here for? Am I delighted at what I work or do it on duty? Can I change my attitude to these physical activities and accept them something needed, healthy and useful for both myself and others?

I am now participating in a digital marketing program to improve my skills and ensure my online business success, but I have lost my striving and joy of life, the so-called “aha” moments in life, especially after the departure of my father and the deteriorated health of my mother. I do not want to think that something bad could happen to her but I know she has her own will and she is the only person who knows better than me what is serving for her highest good.

Why Am I writing this? My purpose is not to be someone who speaks only about being on the flow and reaching synchronicity in life. My driving idea is to walk my talk, to share my own experience, both positive and negative, because I know that the greatest challenges when overcome bring the greatest rewards. I know how empowering it could be when you stand up and keep walking after your own life has thrown you out of your comfort zone and even beyond your limits; when you feel absolutely disappointed and destroyed, as if you are a complete loser and you have reached the bottom of your fall. You feel paralyzed or “freezed”, you do not even want to “fight or flight”, you do not mind to be present here and now. But in the greatest darkness you feel deep within you some warm and bright presence, some little glowing hope or light in the tunnel. It is beneath all inner and outer challenges in life, or better to say, in the eye of the storm.

For example, I felt betrayed by both my Mom and My destiny. I could not understand what my lifepath was and all that made me feel paralyzed and unable to act. But in that stillness you can find your true essence, your true values and begin your true journey of spiritual awakening and transformation.

My advice to you is: if you are in a similar situation when you feel blocked and you are triggered to go beyond your limits to read this article again and realize that you are not alone in that. It might sometimes be helpful to know that many others have passed through the same difficulties. Life becomes better when you realize that our life journey is shared, we are co-creating our reality together. And yet, everyone is unique and special, so life needs each of us to take their allotted places and service.

In my insight, wonderful things are awaiting us.  All these hard years of cleaning the blocks and searching for the right methods, of inner and outer struggles and transformations are fully worth all our efforts and passions, because only in this way can we bring Heaven on Earth and the results will be exceeding even our wildest dreams.

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