How to Use Blue Energy for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about the meaning of the blue color. Blue is a connection between the Mother Earth and Cosmic Father God.

It is the color of communication. It is also the color of male energy.

Blue color has a very powerful impact on both body and mind.

It is the color of loyalty, importance and confidence.

Blue represents both the sky and the sea – thus, it is a source of wisdom, patience, serenity and truth.

Sky and sea are natural healers. You can easily bring yourself into balance by looking at the sea or contemplating the sky. And they are predominantly blue.

Self-expression is also associated with the blue color.

Blue stands for intellect, intelligence and knowledge.

Therefore, if you want to become friends with the blue color and implement all its characteristics into your daily life, I would suggest you to use blue minerals and gemstones. They are great healers, they have also a very soothing and calming energy, so they could be with you in each and every moment throughout the day.

If gemstones are not your way to go, remember, the sky is always there for you and you can look up to it when you feel angry or imbalanced.


You can also go for a walk to a water basin and look at the water and its motion,  if there is a brook, river, lake or sea nearby.

It is also good to train yourself to meditate on a regular basis by using blue crystals and gemstones. They can help you enter alpha brain waves easily and naturally. Alpha brainwaves are characteristic for a meditative state where everything goes slowly and you can relax, rejuvenate and visualize in your own way.

Do not forget that blue stands for God’s Will.

The Ascended master El Morya has been my spiritual leader for a long time and I usually know I am taking the right step in the direction that is well connected to my own life mission when I see him in my inner sight.

Believe me or not, but each one of us in on a mission on Earth no matter if you believe it or not.

El Morya  helped me a lot when I felt imbalanced and could not read the signs the Universe was giving me all the time.

According to numerology blue is represented by the number five representing the physical body or the Pentagram in Sacral Geometry. Nowadays the elements are considered to be four (earth, water, air and fire) but the Pentagram is a symbol of ancient knowledge including the fifth element of ether and also the wisdom about the five Great spiritual principles: Truth, Wisdom, Love, Justice and Good as well as the qualities that can   easily be introduced to the physical dimension we are living in.

My first name Pravda meaning Justice in Bulgarian is included in the Pentagram. In the old Slavic language any person’s name has its own meaning in your family and tribe.

For me the Pentagram, in the same way as the blue color, is a symbol of protection from low astral energies and people who drain your energy away, like people who always complain or grumble and tend to criticize and label everyone and everything.

Stay away from that toxicity and do remember that blue is your way to go, if you want to be awake and aware of your own life path and direction by having God’s Will on your side.

Try to use the blue color energy for at least 7 days in a row and see how your life will change,

Do not forget that every color has its own unique way to empower you along the way, if you decide to use it consciously.

Be blue, use blue on a daily basis and live with the blue qualities, if you want to create the life of your dreams.

Remember that life happens through you not for you, right?

But there is always a choice – the choice of your own free will which path you want to follow in order to live a happier and more abundant life.

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