How to Practice Meditation as a Remedy for Stress Relief

A Free Teleseminar November 24, 2014 at 5 PM EST


Hey Women,
Do you want to learn more about meditation and how by using it on a regular basis you can reduce the daily stress?

Maybe you have already read some useful information about meditation and I am sure that you are less of more familiar with it. However, only if you try to introduce it to your daily program, you will experience its positive effects by yourselves and will achieve a peaceful and abundant life as a result.

After December 2012 we are living in a higher dimensional reality and the energies are completely different than before.
Therefore, we can materialize things much faster, even at a glimpse of an eye.

Every thought, emotion, feeling and pattern that you hold expands in the outer world very quickly because when you focus on something you attract like energies into your life no matter if you want this or not.

So it is better for us to be aware of our inner processes and try to stay positive and fully balanced in this new fast moving and transforming world. A good approach is also to use powerful words and statements in order to create our new reality.

By using different meditation and affirmation practices and techniques on a daily basis you can reduce the daily stress in a very simple and effective way.

I have been following the path of personal development and growth for many years to finally find out what tools are most helpful so that to live in peace and abundance.

By introducing meditation to your everyday life you can bring balance and harmony in yourselves and in your surroundings.

Using a short meditation technique concentrating on your breath for 10-15 min and better to be on the same hour every day so as to become habitual will help you reduce the daily stress in a very natural way.

So, here I want to share with you my own experience and the way I work with meditation on a regular basis.

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I invite you to this special teleseminar where I will share some of my insights about daily stress management.

This FREE teleseminar is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick and simple solution to reduce your daily stress;
  • You want to improve your health and life style;
  • You want to boost your immune system almost immediately;
  • You want to be more centered and balanced and fully present on the flow of life.

Here are the themes that I will regard on the call:

  • What is meditation?
  • How does it help you reduce the daily stress?
  • How did it help me release some of my old behavioral patterns and negative emotions which were stored in my body cells?
  • How has meditation helped me work with my perfectionism issues?
  • How should you do meditation in order to achieve all benefits from it?
  • When should you do meditation and in what way?
  • Which are the leading guidelines that will help you introduce this powerful practice to your everyday life?
  • How orange helped a friend of mine to heal her headache;
  • Which are the most useful meditation practices that you may apply throughout the day?
  • What is the most powerful mantra I have worked with?
  • And so much moreā€¦


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