Q & A about Stress

Q: Why is stress so discussed today? Doesn’t this make us more stressful?

A: Stress is the number one reason for modern diseases. We end up our day accumulating a lot of stress. Stress affects the body functions and in a long term affects the body’s organs and systems, raises the blood pressure and finally leads to getting diseases.

Stress is different in nature and it has psychological and social dimensions. Stress causes a very strong nervous tension in the physical body and accumulates negative energy around us.

We have to deal with modern daily stressors, so talking about stress gives us a powerful way to identify the problem and find out a solution that works and helps reduce or even eliminate our stress on a daily basis.

We have to accept that stress exists as a part of our life, that it is supporting us to make changes and move ahead, but when it is overwhelming, we have to find methods and techniques to overcome this problem in order to be happy and healthy in life.

Q: Why have you chosen it as a focus of your personal research?

A: I have struggled a lot with this issue and at the beginning I wanted to find out what remedy would be  best for me because in a first place I had /and still have from time to time/ a lot of mental chatter in my head and a lot of unnecessary worries. So I was looking for a solution to stop that inner dialogue, incl. my chaotic and disturbing thoughts, feelings and reactions.

The second reason is that I have already achieved perfect health and balance on the physical level: my body is healthy and fit, so I wanted then to attain the perfect balance of my body-mind-spirit set.

The third reason is that I know: we are living in a big energy-information field and everything is energy, and everything is interconnected.

So, if you cannot manage your energy effectively, you begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed almost all the time.

Q: How does stress affect health and body weight?

A: Stress affects our physical body in a very strong way.  It is the number one cause of all modern diseases. If you try to control stress in your life, the final result will be tiredness and a feeling that you have to deal with a very strong invisible enemy because we are all different in nature and we react or no react on different things in life.

If you like to control everyone and everything in your surroundings as I used to do, this will be physically expressed in the appearance of your belly and thighs. Your body can look great but you will have a rounded belly and extra thighs no matter how many crunches and foot exercises you do regularly.

Stress triggers emotional eating and this results in a weight gain. Emotional eating is connected with taking more sweeteners, chocolates and cakes in order to feel happy and secure in life.

Q: What are the most common daily stressors and how to deal with them easily?

A: Based on my own experience, self-observation and practice I found out that there are some daily stressors we all have in common.

  • seeking perfection in everything in life
  • playing too many roles in life and taking too many responsibilities
  • believing in the “me” reality

You can deal with them easily, if you try to be just an observer of your life and also, if you try to see the bigger picture of a situation or a person who makes you crazy.

I have written many articles on my Internet blog about the mirror theory stating that everyone and everything in your surroundings is your mirror reflection, because it shows you on a physical level that you need to change something deep inside yourself in that particular situation or with that person who becomes your teacher.

So I suggest you to get acquainted with the mirror theory and understand that we live in a hologram university basing its existence on certain laws, so it is very important to be aware of them and live consciously in mastery and joy. And I can assure you this fluency in your life dance will reduce your stress level to zero.

Q: In your opinion, which are the fastest and most helpful ways to overcome stress?

A: The fastest and most helpful ways in my opinion are 2.

The first one is my recommendation to do some physical indoor or outdoor activities every day, for example jogging, stretching exercises, some kind of dancing (for example Latin dances) or just making the figure eight with your hips for at least 10 min, because physical activity is the simplest way to transform stress.

And the second one is to do breathing exercises. I suggest you here one very simple, but effective breathing practice:

Take a deep breath in while counting to 3, then breathe out for another 3 counts and think how the deep breathing will help your nervous system soothe and relax. Feel gratitude and joy for this. Shallow breathing is usually connected with fear, stress and negative emotions.

Q: Is there a method or practice for immediate release of stress?

A: There is a finger gesture that I explain in my free e-book and it is called the life saver mudra. I have applied it a lot and still use it in stressful situations.

I will explain it briefly for you with a recommendation to do it every time as this powerful technique will immediately release your stress.

The index finger folds into a circle touching the base of the thumb. The thumb pad touches the pads of the middle and forth fingers, while the little finger sticks up. You hold this mudra with both hands for at least a minute or two.

Q: How do we create stress ourselves and how to avoid this?

A: I think we create stress ourselves by the meaning which we give to people and situations in life, because they are neither bad nor good by themselves, but it is our attitude that makes them negative or positive; and when we charge them with emotions things really go far and sometimes out of control.

And the second way of creating stress is that we often play the role of a Life Victim, so we cannot benefit from the opportunities life gives us throughout our journey.

We can avoid stress when we are centered, balanced and clearly focused only on one thing not distracting ourselves with overloaded daily programs, playing roles and doing tricks to please others and be approved. Remember that you are the only person that really matters in your life, you do not need anybody else’s approval, but yours.  Don’t forget this!

Q: How is our mindset and behavior related to stress or peace and harmony?

A: Our modern life is arranged by the logical mind. We all have beliefs, expectations and childhood patterns that govern your life and determine our self -esteem.

Thoughts and emotions are energy. Our mindset determines our self-esteem. And the mindset consists of all those beliefs, expectations and childhood patterns, which are rooted in our behavior from our family and surroundings. So they govern our life and decisions on a subconscious level.

If we change our mindset and raise our consciousness, miracles start to happen in life.

If we concentrate on something, it expands in our reality.  Therefore, if we want more peace and harmony in our inner and outer reality, it is practical to concentrate on them and make conscious efforts to attain them reducing and eliminating at the same time stress and anxiety.

Making conscious efforts to use positive and empowered words and affirmations is the way to change your mindset and reality.

Q: What are the best stress release and personal transformation practices from your point of view?

A: From my point of view there are some practices that you can use as a remedy for releasing or even eliminating the daily stress.

The first one is the life saver mudra, because believing it or not, with its help you bring into balance all energy channels in your body and you can feel the result in just a minute.

The second practice is the 3-3-3 breathing exercise, which I already mentioned.

The third aid is to start counting down from 10 to one with closed eyes: in this way you slow down your brain waves and operate in a state near to the meditative one, when things go slower, you are relaxed and with even mind and empty heart – fully open to the Universe.

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