Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is stress?

A: Stress is pressure or worry caused by the problems in everyday life. It depends on our response to the forces and events affecting us from the inside and outside world. Modern life is overabundant with stress, as it is very dynamic and demanding. So, stress is a process happening almost all the time and it is natural as a drive towards our development and improvement. But when it is poorly managed and excessive in life, it gives tension to the physical body and causes negative reactions like anxiety, anger or rage that you cannot handle anymore and expressing or suppressing them, you feel exhausted and drained of your energy and power, self-esteem and respect.

Q: What creates stress in everyday life?

A: Stress is related to both external and internal factors. External factors include your environment, your job and relationships, your home and family, and all those situations, challenges, difficulties, and expectations you are confronting on a daily basis. Internal factors determine your body’s ability to respond to and deal with the external stress-inducing factors. Internal factors which influence your ability to handle stress include your nutritional status, your health and fitness levels, emotional and mental well-being, and the amount of sleep, rest and entertainment you get.

Q: How can we overcome the feeling of anxiety and tiredness?

A: It all depends on our attitude. As we are all unique, different things work for different people, but changing our perspectives, releasing those thoughts patterns and belief systems that do not serve us any more and replacing them with more actual and positive ones is crucial for eliminating some of the stressors and managing the stress triggers. When we are balanced and relaxed, we feel happy and our life improves. Anxiety and anger are well connected with the belief that “I am not good enough”. Tiredness, on the other hand, means that we have no self-regulation and good time management in that busy modern life. Self-regulation is the ability to consciously work with your willpower and use it in a more effective and creative way. Time management is useful for harmonizing our life, especially when we dedicate more time for ourselves, for our healthy and leisure activities bringing our energy back into our life journey.

Q: How can we become more positive?

A: It is not an easy process. It took me many years to find out that the way I think is all manifested and reflected in my reality. Thoughts are energy and we are all bounded in a big energy-informational field. The way we think creates our life. Changing your inner world and entirely discarding our negative self talk brings evident results in your own reality.

Q: What is the impact of stress on our health, weight, self-respect, relationships, etc?

A: Stress surrounds us everywhere. It impacts all areas of our life. All modern diseases are caused by small daily stress triggers. Overweight is a kind of protection for us against failing in life, love and relationships. How can we enjoy life and feel worthy enough when we cannot accept and love our physical body? Loving and respecting ourselves is the first thing we can try if we want to live a better life. Relationships may be problematic for women now and then. We wear different hats but work equal with men. We lose our identity in a relationship because we give our power to the loved one. We stay in our comfort zone feeling that we must change the things in our life, especially when they do not serves us anymore. . So we have to act, we have to risk, we have to be the change we want to see in the world.

Q: What is the first aid when we feel stressed and overwhelmed?

A: Just stop for a moment and think. Trust your intuition because it knows what is the best for you. Listen to your inner voice in relaxation and try to see what is beneath the situation or what is the gift from the person who triggers you to feel like that. Remember the mirror theory. Try to see yourself because these people and situations that are attracted to you show you some truths about yourself and depending on your attitude they will determine many things in your life. Like attracts like is a universal principle and it works no matter if we believe in it of not. In a difficult situation try to be an observer and see it from all different angles, so that you can find out some solution and how things can be changed for better in your environment.

Q: Who is Pravda Antonova?

A: Pravda Antonova is in the fitness business for more than 15 years. She helped many women to lose weight and feel fit and healthy. Currently, she helps women to relieve the daily stress and to manage their anger and fear. You can learn more about Pravda Antonova here.

Q: What is the intention of this website?

A: This website belongs to Pravda Antonova and is designed to help you find relevant information about the daily stress triggers and how to effectively manage and relieve stress and fear through various techniques and methods. Pravda Antonova has advanced expertise and will share important and unique advices with you.

Q: How can Pravda Antonova help me to relieve stress?

A: Simply read out all information on the website and follow the instructions and recommendations you find appropriate for you. You will be surprised by the number of techniques and methods that can be used to achieve healthy and balanced everyday life.

Q: Is it free of charge?

A: Yes, the content of this website is free and you can access it at any time. Make sure that you sign up for the mailing list so you can receive regular updates about new stress relief methods. Pravda Antonova will also share her vision and experience with you about the philosophy of life and happiness.

Q: How can I ask a specific question?

A: If you have a specific question about a certain article or method described on this website, please feel free to contact Pravda Antonova at any time. She will gladly provide you with more information and will surely answer your question completely and accurately.

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