Becoming Your Best Version (BYBV)

Some Thoughts to ponder on, especially if you are in your 18-teens or even mid 20-ties

We are facing difficult times now. Therefore, it is necessary to become stronger and calmer as circumstances all over the planet trigger us to do spontaneous life changes.

The global situation with Covid 19 has put to this additional weight and chance.

I had an insight, an “aha” moment, if you want to call it, that becoming your better Version/BYBV/ in these times will help you regain your power and inner wisdom.

I am talking to you, young ladies, because if you are in your 20-ties or even 18-teens, you could hardly know what to do in that current global situation where panic and worries are taking place in an uncontrolled manner.

Why am I doing this?

There is an invisible fire light within you, there is so much of it deep inside you and it is far more than a single sparkle. Just know that the light is inside you and no matter how dark the outside world is, your light remains within and even becomes more sensible.

Losers always lose, winners always win, and… leaders always lead.

You are the leader of your own destiny, remember that!

Just stand into your own inner light no matter how challenging the situation could be in respect to your health, job, finances, and so on.

Each and every one of us is unique, we have our own lessons to learn in the School of Life, but do not let the lessons have you, learn and use the wisdom of the lessons instead.

Is you want to do this, let me share one simple practice that you can use right here right now! It’s the so called Deep Breathing.

Why Deep Breathing?

Because breath has a great power, it brings the life force that flows through you and to you.

Breathe in love, peace and joy, breathe out fear, panic and stress!

You can learn by everyday breathing practice the lesson of BYBV/ Becoming Your Best Version/ which is far more useful than anything else in these global crisis circumstances we are all involved.

Remember you cannot change the circumstances but accept them as they are and change your attitude to them – being calm, grateful and ready for changes. By doing this you can co-create a new reality that will comply with your own best version now.

In other words, you can stay calm becoming stronger and more flexible in these pandemic times instead of having fears, stress and anxiety all day long.

Leaving you now with all my Love and Light and shine in the Light that is lit in your own being!


/aha Truth as it states on the Pentagram/

P.S. The reason I am connecting to you is because my Spirit told me to do so because you are at the beginning of your path and journey. If you are newer to my site go forward and see what I am standing for as well some of the lessons I had passed through.

Remaining calm and stronger is these difficult times will benefit you in a very powerful way!

You can read more relevant information in my eBook "How to practice the lesson of BYBV". You can download the eBook for free right now!
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