Leaving the Stress behind and Going into the Land of Love and Light

/In Memorium of my Dad/

My father passed away on Dec 31st 2017 and as a result the world around me seemed to crash and go into another state of being.

I think, it was my father’s conscious decision not to continue to live in a stressed way in not so good health condition accompanied with all soul lessons he had decided to experience here on Mother Earth.

 No matter that in general I perceive death as a portal into the invisible realm of love and light and I do “agree and accept” that my Dad has made his own choice to pass away, it was a real challenge for me and also for my Mom to cope with the changes in our family life sensing deeply the absence of the head.

It has been hard for us to celebrate the New Year because my father died at home on the last day of 2017 at 8 am and we needed to prepare for his funeral.

I have already mentioned in some of my previous articles that we were in a process of releasing some of our family karmic stuff starting from 2015 when the real estate mafia occupied the home my father was born in after his sister (my aunt) had “disappeared” from there in a very strange way.

As a person using energy practices and being on the path of spiritual development and personal growth for years, I knew that there were no coincidences in life. I had to do my own lot of work which for me was to make a past life regression and release some of my old beliefs and energy blocks. Then I had a live session with an experienced astrologer who had made our family karmic horoscope. Finally I did a family constellation followed by few more constellation workouts in order to see the family patterns we had to work out and clean providing space for new better things to come into our life with ease and grace.

My father has been abed from June 2017, when he suddenly got worse on Dec 29 – it was the final day under the influence of the family constellation. Then he passed away in his sleep in the early morning of Dec 31, 2017.

I am sure my father has realized that something was cleaned from our family history and has decided to pass away and give us all his support and help from the other world.

Yes, at times he was angry with all of us; he was often pessimistic   and verbally abusive but he had learned the hard lesson that the things he thought for granted in his life could suddenly go away and we as a family needed to go through difficult situations and challenges.

So, my Dad did not want to continue the battle with his physical diseases, mental and emotional traumas and at soul level had already made the choice to let go of the worries and stress of earthly life by returning into the spiritual realms.

I do believe that the other world is a land of unconditional Love and infinite Light and if you follow the signs of your spiritual guides, you will be connected through the links of love and light with all your beloved ones who had passed away.

How do I know that?

I had a very interesting session in May 2015 when I completed the Theta Healing courses – the Beginners and the Advanced ones and become a certified practitioner.

There was a session with me, my Grandma, who raised me in my childhood, and another women from the group of Theta Healers, where I received an incredible guidance – in other words, it shifted my entire family life and the results were outstanding.

Before that session I was used to see my Grandma during my daily meditations and I knew that she was always around me and I could even hear her saying “Go and do it, you can accomplish it, you have the power and qualities to achieve it”, especially in times of coming turnabouts when I got deeply aware that a transformation was waiting for me around the corner but I was afraid to make the next little step.

After  I passed through many trainings and courses  I had my intuition activated at full, I was clairvoyant and able to read the  signs coming from the Invisible world and therefore I was able to also sense the presence of my father around helping me to heal my Mom and restore my own energy balance to start living in the new stage of life and continue the release of our family karmic stuff /as we as a family has as a burden from our past lives/ so that to create a new harmonious and stress-free reality in the upcoming years.

Thank you Dad, thank you for being here with us in this lifetime. We will always remember you .And now we wish you peace and light on your soul. Know your own true self, listen to the whisper of your soul and let the energies of gratitude and joy be your wings to reach safely Home. We love you deeply and highly appreciate the time you spent with us on this planet and what we have experienced, shared and learnt together. Rest now at peace.

Heal yourself and help us do the same through the unlimited power of Heaven so that we both / my Mom and I/ can have the energy and the right attitude to continue living without you coping with the forthcoming challenges and utilizing the opportunities given to us here on Earth. You will always be in our hearts, we bless you and wish you to be well. And you are always welcome to visit us in spirit and support  us in our new life.

Thank you!

God Bless You!

Be in Love and Light!

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