Open Heart Approach to Life for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about our approach to life in hard times. When things go in a wrong way or in difficult situations we usually feel quite worried and overstressed.

But there is a different approach to life. I call it the “Open Heart Approach to Life”. Believe me or not, we are meant to live in love and peace no matter what and happiness is our natural state of being even in difficulties and worries.

The love vibration is set up by default in our psychical body cells and if we allow it to manifest itself, living in love and appreciation is as natural as to breathe.

Easy to be said but no so easy to be done, yeh?
In fact, if we navigate life by using our heart center where all knowledge and wisdom of life is contained, we can easily and fluently cope with any tension and stress on the way.

Let me introduce you to the “Open Heart Approach to Life” that will facilitate your journey on the planet Earth.

I often use it when facing hard times in order to feel centered and balanced.

For when you are centered and balanced you cannot be at the same time worried and stressed, right?

Open Heart Approach:

  1. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your breath. Make the inhale and the exhale equal in length.
  2. Then put your palms on your heart center. This is the way to open it and to bring your awareness into it.
  3. Think for a moment how peaceful and grateful you are at that present moment of your life.
  4. This thought will certainly warm up and activate your heart energetic center because as it is already proven by quantum physics, we live in a mental Universe where by simply putting your attention on something you expand it in your life.

I can assure you that just by doing that you can balance yourself and facilitate your daily life. If it becomes your routine, you can successfully use it also in challenging situations for calming down and letting fear off, releasing stress and finding the right solution.

Applying the open heart approach to life, you will naturally quit the need to control everything in life, which brings more stress and less fulfillment in life. To become the person you are meant to be, the person of your dreams who is healthy and content, who has the birthright to be happy and live an abundant life, you need to change your life perspective and look at things through the eyes of Love, Acceptance and Appreciation.

If you are ready to live a better life you can try the” Open Heart Approach” and see how things in your reality unfold. There is no better moment to start than now. Because, in fact, from the perspective of eternity, there is only a present moment that is ever-existing. So, if you are ready to introduce the “Open Heart Approach” to your  life I will recommend you to do it for at least 7 days in a row for better results.

Right now is the moment for you to start living in the vibrations of love and appreciation /that is represented by your heart/ because we are on the threshold of a new world where things are manifested faster than before. So, Ii you want to manifest more love and joy, more peace and balance in your life, the “Open Heart Approach” will definitely help you do it in a simple and effective way.

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