Breathing and Walking Exercise for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about how to release stress and turn it into happiness. It sounds a little bit crazy, doesn’t it? But it is doable and most of all it can be easily applied to your everyday life.

As you know, stress occasionally triggers the fight or flight response when it reflects your day-to- day life.

Your body is in a reactive mode and all hormones of fear rise up. So what can we do in order to switch off that mode when most of the organs get in a survival state?  How can you master yourself and remain in a calm receptive state of being instead of the stress operation mode? Otherwise, you cam merely see and enjoy the goodies that are everywhere in life.

The Triger Mechanism for releasing stress is to do a breathing practice, especially if you combine it with a simple walk outdoors or indoors (at home or in the office).

The Breathing and Walking Exercise Description:

  1. First take three deep breaths.
  2. Start walking to ground yourself better so that the stress response can go out of your body easily.
  3. Count your steps and breathe with every step you make.

It does not matter how you do the breathing – by using your belly or with a normal inhale and exhale through your nose/or mouth/, the exercise will release your stress immediately.

What matters is to take deep breaths and calm down your nervous system. When you combine your breathing with walking, that will ground you better and you will easier and faster release all negative stuff from yourself.

That’s all!

Try to do the Breathing and Walking exercise for at least a week and see how it will work for you. If you prefer, you can journal your results, so that you can reflect on them each time you need.

Remember that mastery comes by practice, so your repeated and mastered actions will bring you the long term results. I challenge you to do the Breathing and Walking Exercise regularly and also, be open-minded to the Universal goodies along your way. Just allow the Universe to take care of you. But in order to receive its support you need to make the space for it and be grateful in advance.

In conclusion, the above mentioned simple exercise will do the work for you and will open the doors to happiness and wisdom in your life.

Wish you success!

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