The Mirror Work for Stress Relief

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Let’s talk about how you can attain a peaceful and stress free life after you change your focus from “what’s wrong with me” to “everything is now OK”.

Easy to be said but not so easy to be done, is it?

Therefore, let me introduce to you a very useful practice that can be easily done at the comfort of your own home or office.

I called it the Mirror Work for Stress Relief.

All you have to do is to hold a mirror in your hands or to hang it on a wall.

“Why mirror?”- You may ask.

The answer is quite simple.

Mirror represents your current outer appearance that speaks of your inner state and your attitude to life. It focuses your attention to how things stay in reality.

What I mean is that mirror shows you all stuff about yourself that you usually do not see, including what you do not like or love in yourself.

According to the Universal Law of free will the first and most important thing in your life is to work upon yourself and make the necessary changes starting with yourself and being the change you want to see in the world. The second most important thing on Mother Earth is not to transgress other people’s free will. So, you cannot change your Mom or Partner without changing yourself first, right?

Probably you have tried to do that many times without any result and that is because the person you want to change is here with you for a certain reason, for the lesson that you need to learn from your relationship.

In this respect, people that surround you are like mirrors in which you can see the things you need to change in yourself and in your attitude to life. Because /believe me or not/ when you change yourself you also change the energy of the situation itself and participants in it can also choose to change their attitude and behavior. So, no matter what the development of the situation would be, all your things are set up on a different stage for your higher awareness and better communication.

I did that practice many times with almost all my relatives and family members and each time I was really shocked by the results.

And here come the benefits of the mirror work.

The Mirror Work Description:

Each time you feel stressed, angry or even overwhelmed just look at yourself in the mirror. Then ask yourself whether you get satisfied with the image you see in it or not.

Remember that mirror is your best friend because it shows you things in reality.

Then say to yourself mentally or out loud “I can accept myself with all real features that I see in the mirror right now. I choose to love myself and I welcome all my feelings because I am setting the stage to honor and respect all aspects of my life with no regrets for the things I am now experiencing.”

If the above affirmation is too complicated for you, just filter the idea of releasing the stuff that is causing you stress at the present moment. Then with the help of the mirror embrace the new possibilities that life can offer you. But you have to let them in, right? And above all, you have to provide some space for them before letting them into your house.

You can do the mirror practice for at least 7 days to see how you will feel and then you can decide if you want to continue the process of releasing stress and anxiety by doing your own mirror work.

Remember that mastery comes along the way as a result of your endeavor and inner work.

And the mirror practice can be very beneficial for your process of personal growth and transformation because it represents your current image.

Therefore, I challenge you to give a try and let the mirror be your best friend that will help you to observe the changes that will enter your life. Remember that nothing can be done well without the process of observation and self-observation.

So observe yourself by using your mirror and if you want, you can share your results with me.

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