How to Receive the Universal Guidance and Use it for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about how we usually react on stressful situations in life.

We usually try to battle stress and even think that stress is like an invisible enemy threatening us from everywhere.

As women, we are too sensitive and we want to make the most of our life the way we think it should be by following our family models and the social rules.

However, life could be much better and easier if we surrender it and have the Universal support at our side. How to do this is the most important question because it guides us to attune ourselves into the common energy-information field we all share on Earth and get all the answers from it.

Believe me or not but 3 years ago  I gained a better expertise on the daily stress issues and my stress and worries went back in the “backyard” of my life after clearing some family problem stuff I had to deal with.

Yes, it was karmic, and yes, it was awful, so I had to ask the Universe and the Invisible world for support. And I did receive the help I needed to go through all those processes which pop up unexpectedly in my family life.

So now I am far more open to receive the Universal Guidance and use it in all areas of my life and all the time, not only when I am in a survival mode.

It was not an easy process at the beginning because of my logically oriented mindset and profession.

The way I usually operated in life was too logical, too workaholic and perfection oriented.

As I former civil servant, and being in a service for the government for decades I did perfectly my daily job duties and was used to deal with different stress issues all day long.

 To make the long story of my personal transformation short I have had many spiritual teachers so far and many completed courses and trainings, so finally I quitted my civil administration job without the intent to continue in other direction  without even realizing what the Universe has for me and my family in a long run way.

Some strange things started to happen… to my family….to my relatives….and most often – to me.

I was blessed with teachers who had passed through this and could guide me at that time. I knew the things were karmic…I saw the reasons for some of them, so there was no need to even go into an alpha or theta meditative state to realize that the time has come to get rid of some of the family old models of behavior we usually tend to use in our everyday life.

After many years of meditations and energetic work with different healing practices I knew that in order to fix the problem and resolve some part of it / and as it was a very long and unusual process/ I needed the Universal Guidance and support from the Entire Energy-Information Field.

Some of my teachers were very supportive and gave me a good feedback too, but I had to do most of the changes on my own.

How did I get access to the Universal Guidance?

Practice Description on Receiving the Universal Guidance:

  1. Calm yourself with a simple countdown from 5 to 1.
  2. Put both your palms on your heart energetic center.
  3. Ask the Universe for support.
  4. Ask help for that particular situation you want to resolve no matter how bad you think it is.
  5. Ask the Cosmic Field to cut off, heal and transform all karmic issues and karmic cords that are created by you, your ancestors, relatives, and current family members in all timelines, parallel worlds and here now.
  6. Remain calm and try to see with your inner sight how all that negative stuff is melting away.
  7. Say words of gratitude for the Universal Guidance and stay connected with it so that your entire life could be improved.

Be grateful and ask for support when things go wrong. Be patient and become aware to all that comes in your way. Follow the signs.  Ask and be ready to receive…then do not forget to give thanks and stay attuned to the Universal Cosmic Rhythm.

Be present, be here. Do it now!

If you follow the above Protocol you will be able not only to gain access to the Universal Consciousness but also have a better connection with the Common Quantum Field. Thus you can attain all you need to create the life of your dreams.

No more stress, worries, battles, struggles of any kind….Imagine that you are always connected to the realms of the Universal Wisdom and Knowledge.

Just believe that you can achieve it. Give it a try and do the practice on a regular basis. It is awesome and it is doable. I did it and succeeded. You will too.

Wish you best of success!

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