How to Use the Violet Flame for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about how important it is to be well-balanced and focused throughout the day. This is the way for us to go if we want to live a stress-free and happy life, life without anxiety and worries.

The conception of being here now or being on the flow of life is very natural and can be easily introduced into our everyday day. We could look at life as an ongoing river that surrounds us from everywhere and brings us all we need.

Water is usually associated with the feminine nature and represents the emotions that we have. These emotions often make us react in a way that is not expected or appropriate no matter how logically oriented a woman is. That is because women are usually more sensitive than men and that is the key reason why they usually end up their day accumulating a lot of stress.

Water runs everywhere and makes its own way even in a very difficult environment. It falls from higher places and creates beautiful meanders   to go down and flow into a bigger water body, left or right.

Being on the flow means to be on/go with the life river and get all that life brings as opportunities and chances at the different stages of our life. To make that happen we need to release the sense of insecurity and let go of the desire to control everything in our surroundings. Yes, every woman is unique and uses different ways to achieve her goals expressing or suppressing her emotions in order to be a “good girl”.

And here as a supportive aid comes the Violet Flame representing one’s approach to life. Fire is usually associated with the masculine principle in life and the violet color represents transformation and deep cellular cleansing process.

The Violet Fire is   very powerful for cleansing the space around us and clearing the emotions that prevent us from being happy and fulfilled as we women tend to overestimate them in our life.

The Violet Flame Healing Practice Description:

  1. Lit up a Violet Candle to cleanse yourself and the room you are staying in.
  2. Stay calm and open yourself to let the violet energy in.
  3. Look at the Violet Flame and ask it to move away from you all your troubles, worries and the stressful things you have met in your way.
  4. Give yourself enough time to integrate the Violet Flame energy in your body cells. Remember that because of the place that violet has in our physical bodies being the color of our crown chakra it melts away all stuff that no longer serves us transforming it in a very powerful way.
  5. Be grateful to the Violet Flame as it burns and transforms all that no longer serves us enhancing us to changes our attitude to life as we develop and grow spiritually.

The Violet Frame brings the Force of Transformation and makes the bridge that connects all human beings with the Cosmic Consciousness helping us to be in oneness with The Energy of All That Is.

Remember that violet connects us to the Quantum Field form where we can get aspiration and inspiration to fulfill our activities and duties in the best possible way..

The Flame itself burns all stress, anxiety and the worries we have experienced so far in our life.

The Violet Fire will create a very powerful energetic shield around us and will help us overcome every obstacle and stressful thing along the way in the future.

You see how powerful and easy this process of using The Violet Flame is. Violet color and the fire element, two in one, is a very transformative and charging combination that we can apply to pass through a really powerful healing process, don’t you think so?

 Therefore, In order to gain the most of it and depending on your own situation, I recommend you to use the Violet Flame Healing Practice as often as possible. In my case I used it in a 21-day row for this case, but even if you use it for at least 7 days, you will allow the healing energy do its work and get the stress issue melted in the violet fire that will change the energy of your body cells and will fill them with the energy of lightness and joy, peace and harmony.

Remember: the pleasure is not only in reaching the destination, but in the journey itself. Living on the flow will make your life better and better every day in every way.

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