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Have you ever been in a situation where everything you think or do seems to get zero results?

If so, continue reading about another story related to stress relief.

Some of you have been following my blog for a while and my blog is the place where I share many of my stories of personal transformation along with some easy to use practices that will to help you with your own process of managing the duties that we women tend to carry on our arms in this modern busy life.

And here is another story that happened to me two weeks ago.

I felt blocked. So, I decided to pass some sessions with my Theta healing teacher in order to find the main energy blockage that was causing me stress and many worries concerning the information products that I did in 2016. Yes, I did some of my products but at some point I felt that there was an energy block that had prevented me from getting the expected results and profits.

I did many energy clearing practices and meditations in the last two years in order to bring my balance back. I did have some progress in that but I felt that the main blockage had remained beneath the surface and the abundance problem was only a part of the equation called Pravda’s Life.

My Theta-healing teacher told me about a woman who had helped her a lot by a simple coffee reading. So I called the woman to ask her for a coffee reading session.

To make the long story short I used to have a lot of coffee readings in my- day- to- day life as I was blessed with a Grandma who was an experienced fortune teller and taught me how to do the process by myself. However, I went to that woman to tell me about my blockages and what to do in order to get my balance and finances back.

Easy to be said and easy to be done. The woman gave me a cup of coffee and looked at it at a glance. I suddenly felt the energy field around her and was attracted by her voice and words.

She told me that my main blockage had related to one of my past lives and my lesson was to release and let go of my controlling manner to be able to rely on the Universal support. By the way, I considered that already done in my life.

She also told me about some of the family karmic stuff that I had released and briefly explained me about the way she had done that on her own as she had to learn the same lesson as me: to let go of all control in life.

I knew that the way to make the energy flow easily in someone’s life is to Surrender Life without trying to Control It. That woman was channeling the message I needed and she was here to represent my back loop connection with the Cosmic Field because she did not know me but she was there to help me with first realizing and then clearing my old energy blocks acting for my highest good.

“Like attracts like” is the Universal law and there was no coincidence that we both had to learn the same lesson and that despite of the stress and worries we both had we succeeded to a certain level. But my experience and aha moments taught me that no matter how much you wanted to clean your energy blockages if the stuff was karmic and related to one or more of your past lives some extra time was needed to release it and melt it away.

In conclusion, I realized that regarding karmic issues the only thing you could do is to Rely on the Universal support and forget about the time and duration of cleansing. That approach of being an independent observer of your own clearing process could help you make things more efficient and attainable in your life.

The Practice That I Made:

I asked Archangel Rafael to heal me. I asked him to heal all that I did to myself and all stressful situations I had passed through. I asked him to help me forgive myself for being so controlling to myself and others, and especially for the security issues I had always been searching for.

Then I asked Archangel Michael to cut off with his Sword of Truth all karmic threads from the beginning of my life till now in this and all parallel dimensions and realities.

I did this for 21 days.

And I had always in my mind the words the woman told me, “Your money and information products are blocked. See how they remain in a closed bag as if in a deep well. No matter how you try to reach them by a pecker, shovel or rope, they will be waiting there for you and you will have them only when you learn to rely on the Universal Support. It will take at least 2 months from now on”.

Remember that everyone is on a different journey and maybe you don’t have do clean any blockages but in my case the stress, worries and bad things entered my life at the beginning of 2015, so I needed to do the work and clean the stuff if I wanted to have my energy and life balance levelled again.

My spiritual practices are great now, my color toolkit works even better for me on a regular basis but my karmic stress remains the same because of the family lessons that are repeated again and again.

I do believe that we are here on Earth for a reason. We have the choice to remain as we are and live mainly in our comfort zone or we could choose to change the old that have become useless and let new things enter our life.

But the first thing is to learn our life lessons without excuses. Especially if they are karmic and you need to do it by yourself… and don’t forget to be an independent observer of the entire process.

You cannot solve any situation if you are emotionally involved in it, you cannot make any decisions if you are stressed and angry and in this way you remain blocked in that situation. And here comes the need for searching an external help and Universal support. If you trust a person you don’t know it will be a good opportunity to see the blockages that lay beneath the surface from a different and sometimes unexpected perspective – in my case that was the money bag laying in the deep well.

Remember that every woman is unique and has her own lessons to learn, so do not take my words for granted. But I highly recommend you to use “The Independent Observer” technique for daily stress relief by observing your own thoughts, feelings and actions.

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