My Healing Practice with a Lit Orange Candle for Stress Relief and More

We all know that stress stalks us from everywhere. Sometimes we feel as if we have to face a very little known and almost invisible enemy bringing us much more tension and anxiety on a regular basis.

Not long ago a dear friend of mine passed away in a road accident and entered the world beyond in that tragical way.

The only way to honor her was to put away my extra heavy silver necklaces and bracelets because I felt angry for her death at the age of 45.

She was one of my life teachers and a very good friend and business partner. Her life finished unexpectedly in that awful car crash.

Suddenly I remembered that her favorite color was orange – the color associated with the energy of the Sun, the clearest user-friendly color and the children’s favorite one. So, I decided to lit an orange candle in her memory and hoping to melt my stress, anger and grief.

I have not use lit candles for stress relief and negativity transformation so far but I often use etheric oils for the purpose of mood transformation, cleansing my space and releasing my worries.

Thus I discovered this Healing Practice with a lit orange candle for Stress and Negativity Relief.

The Healing Practice Description:

  1. Lit up an orange candle to cleanse your auric field and the room you are staying in.
  2. Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down in order to make a space for the orange energy to fly in.
  3. Rub gently your palms and place them above the lighted orange candle.
  4. Put your palms on your heart center in order to refresh your own energy field and to activate it for the process of receiving of the healing orange energy.
  5. Remain calm as long as you need in order to complete the process.

Remember that orange is the most healing color of the rainbow spectrum and you can do the practice as many times as you want.

In order to gain the most of it and depending on the situation you are healing I do recommend you to use the Orange Candle Healing Practice as often as you can. In my case I used it in a 40-day row for this particular case, but you can use it for at least 21 days to let the healing orange energy do its work and get the stress issue melted as orange will change the energy of your body cells filling them with the Sun’s energy of joy and love, peace and harmony.

Just give a try and if you wish you can share your results and how it worked for you and your issues. Leave your comments on my blog and I will be happy to answer them.

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