The Wheel of Life and Stress

/The I Am Mantra/

Let’s talk about one thing that makes the basis of life foundation. It is called The Wheel of Life presented by an ancient symbol.

I got familiar with this concept many years ago when I completed one of the most popular trainings in Europe named The Human System of Self-Healing  based on some ancient traditions and trainings that was well introduced to people’s modern thinking by Mr. Norbekov.

To make the long story short I completed all three levels of the study while my life was going on a roller coaster. Before that I had worked with my physical and emotional bodies as well as with my intuition and I had achieved great results. I practically became one of the role models of the course having many aha moments in each of these three levels.

 In level one when we were working with the physical body the idea of The Life Wheel was introduced to us.  The Wheel itself represents our everyday life with its different areas like: health, family life, financial life, career or business, intimate relationships, spirituality, personal development and wellbeing.

We all had to assess our life using a scale from 1 to 100 and evaluating how fulfilled each sector of this circle was. Then we made a quick 3 steps fix to make it work better. I still remember when the teacher told us that life was like a roller coaster and the different sectors could change their places up and down the wheel whenever our life took a different direction.

I do remember this because as a former fitness instructor my health and fitness zone sector was at 100 % fulfilled.

Now, when I am sharing this article, due to some emotional and mental challenges which I faced in the past 3 years, things have changed to worse and in my opinion the percentage has gone down to 50 or even below.

I still have that great physical body and look well but since then my entire life has dramatically changed. I have been working with the Violet flame in all these years to transform and cleanse myself on a deep cellular and spiritual level.

 In fact, I started my online presence in a very unusual way as I am a person who tends to be logically dominated and trying to control everything in life.

But at some point, I acted very irrationally and quitted my stable job as a civil servant, so that to enter into the entrepreneurial woods with the intent to change myself and make the world a better place.

I wrote a few books where I channeled information from the Unified Cosmic Field and created many articles in the field of women’s stress management.

Finally I thought that everything was already at my disposal and my Life Wheel was going in the right direction but I was wrong.

The Wheel of Life was not only going up and down as it should but has also changed all its sectors and their presence. There was no area that has remained unchanged.  The roller coaster was going through my life without definite direction so I had stress and worries at that time more than usual.

I did the same exercise with the Life Wheel again and again having in mind the simple thought that I was a better expression of human being than before according to all I had accomplished and fulfilled. But then I realized that this better expression of me had nothing to do with my previous great physical body look.

I gained weight for a very short period of time and nothing was the same as it used to be. I knew that all this stuff is karmic and coming from my ancestors but I was asking myself about my role in that performance where all my family had been involved.

I did many meditations and also some work with clairvoyant people to face the core of the problem and make things be easily transformed, but without any success.

Suddenly I got aware that my current situation has a lot to do with the way I think, feel and act. By  the spiritual work I did through all my reflections, meditations and healing practices I have not only healed myself at a deeper level but  have also opened the doors to all this karmic stuff that should be cleared and the time for me has come to enter an upper stage on the Life Wheel.

At first glance it seemed that the roller coaster was going without direction in life but as I understood there was something else hidden beneath the surface. I gained an extra weight but it was caused by all these karmic situations unfolding now, so in my search for solution I found out that the “I AM” mantra was the answer to clear up all problems and karmic stuff that was showing up right now in my family life.

If I could manage to balance the Wheel of Life things would be easily settled down in time, don’t you think so?

I went into a meditative state and the guidance came in the form of another aha moment. I saw with my inner sight the “I AM” mantra on my mental screen.

I started to repeat this mantra all day long and the results were amazing.

Money, people that I need and powerful life conditions were created through the “I AM” chanting and thinking.

I am on my way to figure out how to find the gate to exit all that family karmic stuff I was involved in due to some of my past thoughts and actions.

I am so grateful for the “I AM” mantra!

I am grateful that it has opened for me the gates into the Universal abundance.

No matter how my physical body looks like now and though it is not the way it used to be before I know that if something works for one area of life and you repeat it again and again in a conscious and assertive way, through these repetitions it will also do the work for all other sectors of the Life Wheel.

No matter how stressed, frozen or worried I was at that time the “I AM” mantra gave me the best tool to change the way and the direction of my Life Wheel.

“I AM”, “I AM”, “I AM”, try it, repeat it for a day, week or month and see how it will work for you!

If you want even better results do this mantra chanting for at least 21 days and see how your life will change.

Remember that we are facing a new higher reality right now and things are different than before.

I am a better and upgraded presentation of the personality I used to be before and the same is true for you.

Do not take my words for granted, just give try to the power of the I AM presence and you are going to receive the amazing gifts kept in store for you.

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