My “Up-to-date” Formula for Stress Relief

/Universal Guidance Given to me for Family Karma Release/

Let’s talk about how you can attain a peaceful and abundant life by focusing on your core essence and doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

I have experienced a lot of complicated and stressful situations so far and have learned that life is all about knowing who you are and making your decisions in compliance with what is really good and useful for you at the present moment.

I know that you could have a lot of troubles if you try to be in the main stream of the Life River swimming toward certain situations and people that make you feel anxious and “not good enough”.

I have already understood in the hard way that life it all about the choices and decisions you make to learn certain lessons no matter how much the good or the “bad” is for you, not to mention if “right” is right for you now or maybe it is entirely “wrong” in your current perception, because all these “good and bad events” are our teachers guiding us in our own journey toward self-knowledge and self-expression.  “Life is all about that: to move forward no matter what and never give up”.

 As to me, based on my experiences self-observation and the light- work I  do, life is like a tango dance – you make one step forward, then – two steps back and again – one step forward. And what really matters is the dance going on, the movement itself and not the direction you are stepping in. The other important thing for you in life is to be consciously aware that you can get rid of your ancestor’s karma.

If you have followed my work for a while you already know how beneficial it could be for you not only to observe your inner guidance and the universal signs you get but also to differentiate yourself from your old limiting beliefs and childhood patterns grounded in your subconscious mind.  Detaching yourself from your ancestor’s karma will enhance your life journey and will allow you to  be present as a “new born” elevated human being   on the 5th dimensional Earth we are living now.

I had tough times to make that detachment after my life went on a roller coaster in the last few months of the year.

I had to discover how my karmic lessons gained control over all my life duties and I had to make unpleasant decisions followed by difficult actions in order to get back on track.

My aunt was missing and all my closest relatives were put under suspicion. The investigation process was going back and forward, sometimes stopping and then starting again with new peoples and roles involved, but my aunt is still missing and she has disappeared from the family house in a very strange way.

My father got aggressive and angry because he could not figure out where his sister had gone, and so did I. All relatives felt like we are staying under siege and not having access to the property of my grandparents.

The real estate mafia, the presentation of my aunt’s own will by a very “helpful” neighbor were some of the directions the investigation work was going on but all this stuff made me more stressed and depressed than ever for I had to face much more daily stressors than usual.

You probably know that the first chakra is responsible for the “fight or flight response” to a difficult situation, but my response after such a long period of stress was to freeze.

I have had many spiritual teachers in my life and asked almost all of them to help me understand how to clear that karma and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I was aware that there were no coincidences and the time for our family had come to clear up some of the accumulated karmic debts. I also took in mind the fact that my name vibrations resonated with my aunt’s name.

On the other hand, I knew that all this process and the investigation work were meant to happen in order to clean my own space and limiting beliefs and to let the new  5th dimensional energy break through.

Therefore, I decided to meditate in order to receive guidance from the Unified Cosmic Field.

Easy to try, but not so easy to get results because when someone is in a “frozen” state, very little can be done, in fact when you cannot be a silent observer, you cannot receive and channel energy and reliable information from the Universe.

So, I tried again and again and finally I got some information that was repeated most of the time.

Yes, the problem was karmic, yes, the cleaning process would prolong and yes, there was a way which to follow. However, I was not asking about my relatives, I just wanted to know what my part of the equation was and what to do in order to return my balance and manage efficiently the daily stressors popping up along the way.

“Let the things unfold by themselves, don’t try to control them and don’t be too pushy to fix them. You know your name has the same vibrations as your aunt’s name, therefore, be very careful with your further life work.”

I  received the same message 2 times but  wanted to realize things in depth in order to get into the house and then to look for some more evidences there that could probably help me understand what to do next, so that to free myself from all this stuff and move ahead.

I was like paralyzed in this tango dance position and could not make any other steps.

The third confirmation and feedback came to me through a friend of mine practicing meditation and working with energy for many years.

We used to make some meditation practices together in the last 3 years and have found out that we had many common lessons to learn.

She told me to do nothing, train my patience and let all this stuff unfold in its own pace and way. But was it possible not to pay attention and play a role in it after it was my family karma: my aunt was involved in it as well as my parents and relatives, but it was also related to some of my past lives.

It took me many months to understand that you can do a karma clearing without any efforts or hard work because when something like that comes to you and your family members, the time for all of you has come to go to a different stage of life when you are fully present on the Main Road of Life forgetting all about the off-roads of the past.

My “Up-to- date” Formula for Stress Relief Description:

 “Just remain “still” without taking any further actions and let the clearing process complete at its own pace and ways”.

“Don’t try to look for the bigger picture and what stays behind. Let the things unfold by themselves, don’t try to control them and don’t be too pushy to fix them. Just stay calm when once for all you get aware /like I have already got through my meditation practices/ that all this is karmic and has to do with your family and your ancestors not just personally with you”.

The only way to facilitate the process is to remain calm or even “still” without taking any further actions to transform things because that clearing is necessary to be done.

Remember that you can use a formula or other tool for everything that pops up unexpectedly in your life because most of the things that happen to you are your lessons and yes, they could be karmic originating from your past lives or they could be the pre-choice of your soul before its decision to come and have a lesson on Earth.

You can continue your journey to happiness in life by expending your awareness and deepening your understanding after you pass through situations like this.

Follow the formula for at least 21 days to see how your life flow will go.

Stay aware and be the observer of your life no matter if you and your family members have the same challenges as mine.

Be aware of yourself and awake for your life purpose.

I wish you love and light on the path of your personal growth.

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