How to use the Orange Color as a Remedy for Stress Relief

A Free Teleseminar October 27, 2014 at 5 pm EST


Hey Women,
Do you believe that orange color can reduce or even eliminate your daily stress?

It sounds very unrealistic but the truth is that orange is a great healer and by introducing it to your everyday life you can reduce or even eliminate your daily stressors in a very simple and effective way.
After December 2012 the world has changed and it is very crucial for us to understand how to create our new reality and a stress-free life in these new life conditions we all encounter.
I have been for many years on the path of personal development and growth to finally find out what tools to use that will help us live in peace and abundance.
I prefer working with color therapy as this is a unique way to introduce balance and harmony in your surroundings.
I started using orange color regularly as this was the missing one in my reality.

If you want to learn about this unique way of reducing or even eliminating the daily stress and how I did it for myself, you can register here.

Using orange color can be easy and joyful and you will feel the benefits from it almost immediately.
So, I decided to share my own experience and the way I worked with it on a regular basis.

I invite you to this special teleseminar where I will share some of my insight about daily stress management.
This FREE teleseminar is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick and simple solution to reduce your daily stress;
  • You want to try something new and achieve results almost immediately;
  • You love working with the rainbow image in order to be in harmony and balance with your core self.

    Here is just some of what I will share on the call:

  • Why orange is the “must used” color if you want to reduce your daily stress;
  • Which qualities orange color brings into your surroundings;
  • What my own unique way is to use orange color;
  • What energy orange is and why it is so important for women’s health;
  • What makes it so different and unique;
  • How orange helped a friend of mine to heal her headache;
  • When to use it;
  • And so much more…


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