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Powerful Stress Relief Technique

Let’s talk about one of my favorite techniques for daily stress relief.   What I am going to share with you now is a very simple and easy to do technique that will certainly help you to reduce your daily stress to the bottom line. But first I want to remind you of one basic principle […]

Powerful Stress Relief Technique of the Golden Egg

Let’s talk about how you can detach and protect yourself from stress on a daily basis in a very simple and powerful way. We all live quite an intensive and stressful life and whenever things go out of control we feel imbalanced and troubled more than usual. We all know that the key point and […]

The Most Powerful Word for Stress Relief

/According to my personal yahoo inbox/ Let’s talk about one very useful word that you probably feel unsecure to say. Everyone has encountered that word in their life but in one or another way it is difficult to use it whenever we feel overloaded and overwhelmed. I have in mind the word NO and how […]

A Very Simple Daily Stress Relief Practice

Do you know that by drawing the figure eight with your hand in the space ahead of you, your energy flow will change and your daily stress will go near to the bottom line? This is the key reason to share this simple and easy to be done practice with you, so as to integrate […]

Easy Daily Stress Relief Practice

Let’s talk about how by using some simple tips and methods you can reduce your daily stress to the bottom. The real problem that exists in life is connected with  the stress triggers that bring us out of control thus preventing us from living a happy and abundant life. The Cosmic energies have considerably changed […]

A Quick and Easy Daily Stress Relief

Let’s talk about how useful it can be for you to have at your disposal a simple practice as a tool to use to reduce your daily stress. You already know that if you cannot manage your stress in a proper way it affects your entire life. We all know that in a long run […]

A Simple Stress Relief Technique

Let’s talk about how by using simple and easy-to-do techniques you can manage your daily stress in a very powerful way. When something could be easily integrated into your daily program it raises the chance to be efficient and helpful for you. On the other hand, when the thing is simple and easy to be […]

Daily Blessings Instead Of Daily Stressors

Let’s talk about how you can attain a peaceful and abundant life by giving daily blessings instead of struggling with your daily stressors. The main question that arises here is about how to do this change of your attention focus, so that the daily blessings could work the miracles in your reality. Blessings represent the […]

My Last Stress Story

Let’s talk about how you can attain a peaceful and abundant life by focusing on your core essence and doing only what makes your heart sing. I know what I am talking about because I had such experience. I have been living in tension and stress for a pretty long time practicing a job that […]

Are You Listening to Your Stressors

I know, the idea of “listening” to your stressors may sound ridiculous to you, but why not try and see what they are going to tell you. I am a strong supporter of the concept that there are no coincidences in life and everything that happens has its hidden reason and purpose, so that to […]