The Most Powerful Word for Stress Relief

/According to my personal yahoo inbox/

Let’s talk about one very useful word that you probably feel unsecure to say. Everyone has encountered that word in their life but in one or another way it is difficult to use it whenever we feel overloaded and overwhelmed.

I have in mind the word NO and how hard it can be for some of us to gently refuse doing some activities and duties that could be stressful and unexpected for us. However, we agree to do them in order to meet other people’s expectations at the account of our calm and rest.

It could be very difficult for some of you to say NO at home, at work or even at the dance club.

We are women. We are used to multitasking and playing different roles in our modern world. And if we sometimes decide to say NO we start to explain and list all the reasons why we are saying so.

A few days ago I saw a message in my yahoo inbox about NO – the most powerful word that you could use in order to be stress-free and feel abundant.

Yes, it all starts and ends with NO. NO to more obligations, work and home activities. NO will outline and defend your personal space, free time and personality boundaries.

You know how important it is for you to have rest and some private time for meditation, prayer, rejuvenation and fun – it depends on you solely to give this present to yourself because you deserve it.

Remember that you are the only person who is of charge of your own life.

When you set up your boundaries by saying NO in a gentle manner you will see how beneficial for you this entire process could and would be.

People will respect you because you respect yourself and your further relationships will be set up on the foundation of freedom, balance, joy and happiness that will bring more abundance and fulfillment in all areas of your   life.

For example, my benefit from learning myself how to say NO gently but firmly, and without any further explanations, was more precious time for myself instead of doing somebody else’s duties at the office and at home.

When I mastered that process of refusal in the name of my highest good and I was able to do it politely, but firmly, others began to respect me much more than before valueing my choice, my good manners and my free time.

To make this process easier for you let me share one of my best practices for an immediate stress relief.

It is called the LIFE SAVER MUDRA.

I highly recommend you to do this certain mudra (finger gesture), because I know from my own experience how useful it is (I used it many times when I felt disappointed and blocked to say NO)



The index finger folds into circle touching the base of the thumb. The thumb pad touches the pads of the middle and forth finger, while the little finger sticks up.

You hold this mudra with both hands for at least a minute or two.

Use this mudra when you need to say NO or when you want to change things by making a refusal.

I know it would be probably hard for you to do it at the first time but you can try and master the process on your own pace each and every time you feel you have to do it.

This process will start the beginning of something powerful and wonderful for you, as it will change your attitude of facing problems and will master your life filling it with more time for fun and joy, for rejuvenation and sleep.

According to the recent research you can do much more things by implementing 8 hours of sleep every night.

So give it a try and if you want you can share your results with me.

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