Powerful Stress Relief Technique of the Golden Egg

Let’s talk about how you can detach and protect yourself from stress on a daily basis in a very simple and powerful way.

We all live quite an intensive and stressful life and whenever things go out of control we feel imbalanced and troubled more than usual.

We all know that the key point and the foundation that leads to a happier and more fulfilled life is the ability to manage stress in a proper way.

It is better if you   can detach yourself from other people’s negative emotions, insulting words and embarrassing behavior.

As we are connected with the Energy of the Collective Consciousness we can be affected by one’s negativity or low self-esteem more often than we expect.

In fact, we are more wired to see a glass of water half-empty than half-full and this drives us away from our inner center and our unique intuition voice. As a result, we have more and more stress and cannot cope with all negative thoughts and feelings – inner and outer ones, so finally we begin to live on autopilot deprived of time for rejuvenation and fun.

Let me give you a simple and unique technique to detach yourself from all this “stress staff “and be grounded, centered and balanced for a stress-free and easy-going life.

I call this simple way to detach oneself from the daily stressors The Golden Egg Technique.

As a matter of fact, I am willing to give it to you in two different ways because after many years on the path of personal development and spiritual growth I knew from experience that some people have difficulties when it comes to visualize what they want to achieve in their life.

The Golden Egg Technique – Variation One

Every time you feel that something is going to disturb your balance imagine yourself surrounded by a golden egg of Light.

This egg protects you from all sides and from everything that is stressful and harmful for you. This could be difficult people, complicated situations or even someone’s insulting words and malicious suggestions that could make you feel worried and confused.

You don’t have to accept them as true and real.

You have the choice not to accept them as real and even not to admit them into your auric field.

Every morning upon waking up imagine that big golden egg which is surrounding you and will be with you everywhere you go.

Every evening before you go to bed remember to contemplate on that golden egg which will remain with you in your sleep time when you will travel and learn your lessons in the invisible world.

Golden light is the light of the Divine Power and therefore, it is the best form of protection (not only from stress but from any malicious forces and intentions). It can help you obtain many useful qualities and the virtues needed for the new dimensional reality we are now going to live in.

For those who cannot do visualizations and are more logical type of people I suggest you to do a variation of the technique:

The Golden Egg Technique – Variation Two

After you wake up in the morning and when you are still laying in the bad say to yourself mentally “I want a golden egg to protect me all day long”.

In the evening before you go to bed  intend and order your golden egg protection to remain with you at night so that you can be safe and protected in your sleep time too, following the 24/7 rule.

Right now I suggest you to give a try choosing one of the variations listed above which will facilitate your life journey and will gradually create a stress-free protected space around you.

Attempt to practice this for at least 21 days and make it habitual by following the 24/7 rule.

This technique will not only prevent you from generating  daily stressors but will also help you receive the multiple golden chances that life offers you and to reflect the Universal guidance which will actually transform your inner reality and change all your surroundings  melting away any hidden blocks on your way.

As a golden personality type (according to my color reading) I know exactly how things will change for you and you will be able to enjoy the life of your dreams. You will open the Universe gates so as to receive abundance and everything you want in life when you surround yourself with The Golden Energy of the Divine Power.

Wish you success!

I will be very glad if you share your results with me for there will be results for sure – in many different believable and unbelievable ways, just give it a chance.

This technique is proven, so trust it and implement it to enjoy your new life and celebrate yourself in the new dimensional reality right now!

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