A Very Simple Daily Stress Relief Practice

Do you know that by drawing the figure eight with your hand in the space ahead of you, your energy flow will change and your daily stress will go near to the bottom line?

This is the key reason to share this simple and easy to be done practice with you, so as to integrate it in your everyday life and benefit from it.

Our body cells vibrate making the figure eight in each direction around us, therefore the figure of eight exists in our cellular memory and when we return to it everything goes well, so that stress and worries melt away by themselves.

Easy to be said, easy to be applied. Don’t you think so?

Especially, if you are a busy woman or staying at home Mom, I bet that you play many roles simultaneously trying to please others and be approved.

Just to mention that I have experienced all this and know the taste of stress and tension which are still present in my own busy life style.

To make it clearer for you I would like to share how I discovered and applied this powerful practice. In fact, it does not require some special education and preparation about how to manage your daily stress level neither some fancy stuff has to be done.

I was working in the aerobic hall with some of my students when one of my colleagues – a Belly Dance instructor – gave me a piece of advice to integrate some meditative practices into my routine workouts.

I thought that I could add some yoga breathing exercises between the introductory and the lower intensive parts of the workouts but most of the female trainees did not approve this as they wanted more Latin dancing as well as the power up and the final stretch down on the floor.

However, as my colleague is an expert in Belly Dance styles and  a well known college professor in the field of Arabic culture (she lived all over the world and was still mastering herself every year in some Belly Dance classes in Egyptian style in Zaza Hassan’s studio in Paris) I considered

her explanations about the advantages of the Arabic horizontal and vertical forms of different eight signs which benefited the women participating in her dancing classes.

For me, the figure eight regular practice helped me in strengthening my eyes as I have already improved my sight and I know from my own experience that it can help the cellular memory flow because that is the vibration set up by default in our body cells.

I have also worked a lot with some tips and techniques form the Energy Medicine, so I know for sure that some simple tools could do miracles for you in familiar with improving your health and raising your spirits especially when you are busy and not very well trained to do heavy lifts and aerobic workouts.

Let me give you the Eight practice which I used especially to fix some of my problems with the eyes and to bring balance into my body and mood.

Practice Description:

Every time when you feel something is going the wrong way just make a horizontal figure eight with your hand in front of you and that’s all.

The key here is to follow attentively with your eyes the drawing hand and the curve of the eight figure.

This process will bring you back into the state of flow and will melt away all your daily stress and worries.

As you see, this is a very powerful and easy-to-do technique, so I encourage you to give it a try.

For better results you may do the practice for 30-40 days to see how it works for you.

Remember that through repetitions you can achieve mastery in all you want to see, feel and touch in your reality; therefore, there is no reason to regret for the past  or to stay in the “fight or flight response” facing  the future.

The time to act is now and you are the only one who can facilitate yourself and your life by introducing and regularly doing the figure eight magical practice..

Wish you success.

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