Easy Daily Stress Relief Practice

Let’s talk about how by using some simple tips and methods you can reduce your daily stress to the bottom.

The real problem that exists in life is connected with  the stress triggers that bring us out of control thus preventing us from living a happy and abundant life.

The Cosmic energies have considerably changed recently and now we are living in a new dimensional reality where we can manifest things at a glimpse of an eye.

Therefore, the time has come for us to use our new life conditions to live better and stay happy in every moment of life.

Is this really true?

Yeah, I think so because when we have some easy stress relief tools and practices to use in our everyday routine life could be a beautiful journey.

Believe me or not but there are many case studies that show how Mother Earth has changed and how these changes have a very powerful impact on our emotions and physical bodies.

For me this resulted in many headaches that I  faced in the last half an year and the last one I had yesterday.

I took some pills, I had a massage on my entire body and sculp but the pain remained.

There was nothing wrong from outside as it was the new moon  and the energies were much smoother than usual but the feeling of not being capable to manage my pain made me feel  quite stressed and worried.

No matter that I consider myself a conscious and intuition-oriented person, the feeling  that I could not manage my pain in a proper waymade me feel out of control and charged me with negative feelings  almost all day long.

To make the long story short I remembered how I used to work with some very helpful practices in the near past.

I used to call one of these practices MY OMG TECHNIQUE.

Here I would like to offer this simple practice to you as it can benefit you in a very practical and useful way.


Every time you feel a pain in your body or when a stressful situation pops up unexpectedly just put your palms on both sides of your head like you are sending a request to the sky and that Higher power that rules our life.

No matter how you call It  God, Lord or The Energy Of All That Is,  this is the predominant reaction when you feel overwhelmed, stressed and worried about how things in life could follow.

This is like the basic instinct to  search support when in need  looking for the assistance of something extraordinary and powerful to help you go ahead and resolve your issues..

Try to do this for at least a month to see how it will work for you.

Remember there is no a more appropriate time for you to start using this practice than now because we are  creating our new life reality by our thoughts, feelings and actions  choosing what things to put in it.

Sometimes it could be really amazing to see how stress and tension have both changed to better and have no more influence over us because of the new dimensional reality we are going in and because of our own miraculous transformation.

That was the main reason to mention this practice as a powerful everyday tool for daily stress relief and personal growth.

If you are ready to give it a try I will be very glad to hear of your results. Feel free to share them on my blog.

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