Daily Blessings Instead Of Daily Stressors

Let’s talk about how you can attain a peaceful and abundant life by giving daily blessings instead of struggling with your daily stressors.

The main question that arises here is about how to do this change of your attention focus, so that the daily blessings could work the miracles in your reality.

Blessings represent the energies of compassion and love which are much more powerful than the stress energies.

There is a vibrational scale of consciousness used in the Universe and the higher your vibrational status the better your life performance.

There is nothing wrong to have some daily stressors from time to time that will keep moving ahead but in a long run it is very dangerous to stay in this fight or flight situation.

Believe me or not I have been there and I know what I am talking about. As a matter of fact, I have stayed in the vibrations of stress and tension for a very long time and have experienced how devastating it is.

Therefore, you can be sure that my last stress stories would become at some point a guiding light for you to manage your stress issues faster and easier and create a new powerful reality for yourself in order to live a better life.

To make the long story short, as I value both your energy and free time, let me explain what happened to me yesterday when I was invited by one of my teachers to join a Silva Method meditation for the grand opening of her holistic healing center.

I tend to work with the Silva healing practices for a very long time and I had previously participated in many meditations like that. I knew the group of well educated women that have been doing these healing practices for the good of humanity for more than 20 years; therefore, I was very curios what was going on when just at the beginning of the meditation practice I saw a big statue of a golden Buddha who was blessing us, the entire group, with his right hand.

I was sitting in the chair listening to my teacher’s voice quietly puzzling in the silence what was really going on and why Buddha was blessing us as he has nothing to do with the Silva Method.

I guessed that Buddha had given us his blessing not because we were doing our job well as we were healers with a great experience in meditating for a better world.

In fact, the blessing was to all of us (those who practiced meditation and those who never did that). It is the rule of thumb that stress has really an enormous influence in our world, so it is better to give some blessings and go further instead of dealing with the daily stress.

So, as a result I can understand that if you apply blessings on a regular basis you may reduce or even eliminate your daily stress to zero level.

Easy say-easy go, so after that guidance I decided to give it a try and to start saying blessings when I had to deal with my daily stress.

I did the blessing practice for a couple of times in the rest of the day and I also did it a few times today when I felt stressed and somehow discouraged by all hard things that were coming on my way right now.

The Blessing Practice is really fantastic and it is not even necessary to read about Buddha and his philosophy because your way may differ from his.

Practice Description:

Each time you feel stressed or overwhelmed stop for a while and simply say to yourself mentally “I bless myself no matter what is going right now at the present moment in my life. I can stop and start again because at this new beginning I can first change the decision and the action that I previously have taken and second – now through my inner blessings I can feel the energy of the situation differently as I have already changed it and have replaced the stress issues with the blessings which have changed my way of thinking and the way I play with my life now”.

If it seems very difficult for you to do it here is a variation of the practice.

A Variation of the Practice could be:

Say mentally to yourself “I bless myself and my life now!”

It is all about the life game – isn’t it?

Remember to use regularly that simple but powerful practice that was given to me in a Silva meditation in such a powerful way.

For those of you who are familiar with my passion for colors and color usage on a regular basis for stress management and reduction I would like to say that golden is the color of high quality, wisdom and wealth. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy. Imagine how by making just a single “golden blessing” you can change yourself and your entire life.

So I challenge you to give a try to that miraculous thing which I now call “the golden blessing” in order to reduce your daily stress to the bottom line.

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