My Last Stress Story

Let’s talk about how you can attain a peaceful and abundant life by focusing on your core essence and doing only what makes your heart sing.

I know what I am talking about because I had such experience. I have been living in tension and stress for a pretty long time practicing a job that was hard to do.

My initial enthusiasm has gone and I had to go day after day to a full-time job that was not satisfactory and meaningful to me. However, it was a stable job as I worked for the government. From time to time when things were becoming harder than usual, I was repeating to myself that no matter what was going outside, in the real world, my world was stable enough and as long as there would be governments ruling people’s lives I would be in a good position as a chief expert, so everything in my stable world would be just fine.

As a matter of fact, my colleagues have always envied me my educational degree and professional experience, so I was the only one who was feeling discomfort with my work and work environment.

To make a long story short I would say that the time for changes had come for me and my life turned in a way that seemed to be very un-logical and even unpredictable, but there was no other chance than to move forward and align with my true life mission.

I was aware of my mission but tended to procrastinate my actions. In fact I had no time to do what I needed to, so I awaited my destiny to give me the chance to quit that civil servant job.

It was not about the job itself, but about me and my attitude to it that had changed in time. That job had already not fit my personal development and my life purpose. I was straying from my genuine way and also I was not confident enough and I was looking for guidance from outside all the time.

I was so engulfed to look for the universal sign of guidance that I missed it when it was given to me three months ago.

Three months ago when I was leaving the office of my dentist all of a sudden the metal door hit my left leg so badly that I could not even normally breathe for a few seconds.

The pain was awful. I took a few deep breaths and asked myself “Have I broken my leg?” The inner answer was “no” but the pain was still awful. I had some pills in my handbag for pain relief and sport injuries which I usually carry with me in case something unexpected happens along the way, so I took one pill. It prevented me from the welling but since then I hurted my left leg more than three times.

Here my awareness started to activate because I am a person who can see the universal signs and take care. I know, based on my own experience and self-observation that there are no coincidences in life. Moreover, I am familiar with the meaning of these signs. For example, what does it mean to have an injury on the left leg? Let me explain it briefly so that you can also benefit from it. Legs are our tools to move forward, so that to accomplish our life mission. As you know we are all on a mission but it takes some time to realize what your personal mission is and to start doing it on a regular basis.

I knew I was afraid to move forward and to go out of the box. Moreover, I had realized that the box for me was my stable job but it was a service for the government and I was really good at it. Then, my educational status, my diplomas and degrees were more than an ordinary person can achieve in such a short period of time.

When the pain was very strong I did my best to treat it and I received all medical aid possible but with zero effect.

I knew that through the pain in my left leg the Universe was trying to give me even better sign that I needed to go out of the box but I tended to postpone it again.

A friend of mine who is a clairvoyant told me that my pain had been caused by something I had missed in my past.

In a meditative state I asked what the missing part of my life was but there was no answer.

So I was very confused after not receiving the guidance I needed.

Meanwhile, the things at the office went out of control and finally I decided to quit the job.

Next day I gave my resignation to my manager and after a short conversation he accepted it without any objections.

The final result was that I became jobless and my life went in a way that seemed very scary to me at first, but then I had to accept it and act accordingly.

Can you guess what happened with my left leg and toe?

The pain stopped all of a sudden. It was hard to believe, but that was it: my left leg was OK, so I realized that the pain relief was related to my decision to quit something ordinary and well known, going out of the box and starting the mission I knew I had to do.

Moreover, it was not only the financial resources. It was more about security and stability related to the job.

But as I knew the meaning of my left leg pain, I finally took the action steps though with a three-month delay, to move forward in the right direction.

Therefore. I would like to offer you my recipe or “knowhow” on becoming more consciously aware in your life, moreover that your body is the channel bringing you the universal wisdom and providing your own inner guidance to follow your path in order to create a stress-free and abundant life.

The recipe:

  1. Forgiveness to yourself
  2. Faith that you can do it no matter how hard it seems to be.

Forgiveness it the practice that you may often use especially when it comes to challenges in your life.

Remember that awareness can be easily reached by working upon yourself because awareness is knowledge that everything in life is a choice. Moreover, we always have the choice to decide what things exactly we want to attract and manifest in our surroundings.

Forgiveness, on the other hand, is “to stop feeling anger, shame, guilt for yourself” which also means that you need to love yourself more to be able to face the conflicts, stressful situations and negativity surrounding us in this world of duality. That is the reason why we are more inclined to accept and manifest the negative reactions like stress, anger and frustration than the positive ones like love, gratitude, appreciation and so on.

Was I cross with myself about my work?

Yes, but at the same time I realized that I was attached to my good position in the society.

So to resolve this equation I had to first “hear” my pain and then get out of my zone of comfort.

The second part was to forgive myself about losing my stability.

And here comes the issue of faith, because if you do not trust yourself that you can cope with the challenges and take all chances popping up on the way, you will not be able to make things better.

If you cannot make use of the opportunities that life gives you along your way, then you will struggle with more and more stress issues and on a regular basis because once you have made the decision to get out of your own comfort zone /which is based on your state of awareness/ you need faith and self-confidence, because these are the founding stones for your entire building. Your building represents you dreamed life and your mission and the base for it is to have trust in yourself and to have enough faith that the Universe and the higher powers will support you to overcome every obstacle that comes on your further enlightened and devoted way.

Remember that success is a journey not a destination and everything we say or did is about the journey itself which can be easily traveled/passed if you remain in the main stream of the River of Life.

There is no need to work hard in order to create a stress-free and abundant life. But what you really need to do is to step into your own power and manifest your true essence.

You can continue your own journey to happiness in life by following your own state of forgiveness and faith.

Just focus on these two words and repeat them throughout the day like mantras that will help you create the life of your dreams.

Follow the recipe for at least 21 days to see how your life will unfold.

Remember that you are a life Co-creator and you choose the path to happiness and joy in your own and unique way.

Living without stress is the key answer to a long-lasting journey, so take care of yourself through forgiveness and faith and let go of all worries that no longer serve you.

Be aware of yourself and awake of your life.

Forgive yourself and go ahead with faith and courage on the path to happiness and joy.

I wish you love and light on the path to your personal growth.

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