Are You Listening to Your Stressors

I know, the idea of “listening” to your stressors may sound ridiculous to you, but why not try and see what they are going to tell you.

I am a strong supporter of the concept that there are no coincidences in life and everything that happens has its hidden reason and purpose, so that to make us better and greater, more consciously aware of who we are and awakened for the Truth of creation.

Have you ever heard of the theory that everyone is living simultaneously in many parallel realities and in different dimensions at the same time? Therefore, in some of them you   could be a mineral or a stone, in others – a plant or an animal, in third – a human or an angel: and all these simultaneous experiences are meant to make you grow and attain maturity as souls.

As a matter of fact, here on Earth we are energetic beams of light and love that occupy physical bodies to be able to act in the lower dimensions, whenever we expand and raise our consciousness we can go to other realms and realities which will greatly enrich our life.

The more aware you are, the more powerful you become, because you can now use your gifts and skills to act as a life facilitator co-creator, manifesting your beautiful dreams and unfolding your true potential.

We are all connected and we live in a big energy information field so everyone can receive h information from it as everyone has an inner guidance or the so called intuition.

Believe me or not everyone can receive information from the field through meditation and inner guidance, so that to become a master of his own reality without experiencing any stress but manifesting everything in lightness, fluency and joy.

Therefore, in order to create a stress-free and really abundant life you have to be aware and awake enough to catch what pops up unexpectedly and be ready to face it. In other words, you will be able to listen and accept what your stressors want to teach you.

Yes, for sure, if you listen to them it will make your journey much easier and you will live a happier and more successful life.

Your intuition is your guiding system and your stressors are the motivators that make you move forward and ahead.

I am not talking about long-lasting stressors that bring anxiety and depression along your way. I have in mind your day-to-day stressors that are meant to signal you when something is going wrong, when you are acting not the way that it is good for you and when you are not following the universal signs as well as your own inner guidance.

Every time when something stressful occurs in your life this can be a sign for you to stop and change what you are doing or the direction in which you are moving.

So pay attention to these external signs and to the messages from inside because your intuition truly knows what is for your highest good.

If something very stressful comes along your way it shows that you have an unresolved issue and you have not learned some of your life lessons yet.

Remember the Mirror Theory stating that every person or situation in your life is your mirror reflection and shows you in a very powerful way what you need to change in order to move into the next stage of your personal development and spiritual growth.

When synchronicity unfolds in your life on a daily basis then everything is OK with you because you are aligned with the universal cosmic rhythm, so you have understood why these daily stressors were given to you and you become attuned to your authentic self.

Attuning to your authentic self is a huge and highly rewarding benefit along the way because you now know from experience the meaning of a stressed and stress-free life and now you are prepared to swim in the main stream of the Life River.

What about synchronicity?

How to easily introduce it to your everyday life?

How can synchronicity facilitate your life and make it free of stress?

Is synchronicity the way to create a stress-free and abundant life?

Yes, yes and yes, because if synchronicity is present on a regular basis in your life, it is an indication that you follow your intuition and there is no need for you to listen to your stressors – obviously, you have learned your lessons through getting aware of their “meaning”, so you are always on the right place at the right moment and with the right people to be happy, successful and fulfilled with your life. .

Moreover, you have that profound feeling inside yourself that you are the right person for your life mission and you should continue doing what you are doing now.

Not less, no more.

How to make your life stress-free and live in synchronicity?

Try to stay for 10 minutes daily in reflection and focused on your daily issues and stressors, so that to listen to what they are trying to explain you.

Then deicide which of them you would like to transform and change so that everything could stay in perfect balance and synchronicity.

Do this practice for at least 7 days in a row.

I did it for myself and after recognizing what my biggest stressor was /it was a stressor well connected with my perfectionism btw/ I started to repeat as a mantra this sentence “I have great synchronicity in my life now though I am not as perfect as I used to be before. I release all my unrealistic self-demands and let it go of my perfectionism to allow my life to flow and be stress-free”.

You can use my mantra-sentence or you can create your own but I think that as we are all women, we know what means to be perfect in our life duties. However, perfectionism has very much to do with our self-esteem and also with some behavioral patterns in seeking one’s approval in order to be honored and appreciated.

Right now start “listening” to what your daily stressors are here to teach you because they exist for a reason and when you find it and understand it you will be in charge of your life and you will manifest your greatest projects, co-creating your dreamt life where synchronicity unfolds each and every day, each and every hour and minute into your reality.

If you are willing to share what your biggest stress-issue is, I will be glad to help you with resolving it in a way that is appropriate for you.

If not, remember that we are unique in nature but according to some behavioral patterns and society rules we share some common things like low self-esteem expressed in the belief “I am not good enough”. Yes, we are not perfect, but we are in human bodies: to learn through experience and grow in every possible way: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Wish you success and looking forward to hearing from you, so that we can communicate and get to know each other better. Only through co-operation, share and love-based commitment   we can fulfill our new life missions and become the women we are meant to be. And so it is.

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