How My Body Was Affected by Stress

/And How All this Relates to my Mom’s Free Will/

Let’s talk about how you can release your own daily stressors only by becoming more aware and more awakened in life.

However, when it comes to your family and your closest friends you have nothing to do in order to reduce their stressors but you can advise and also facilitate them to make their own good decisions in this direction (because as we know the major law that governs our planet Earth is that of the Free Will).

I can illustrate this with a very edifying story: some time ago my Mom decided to pass a Theta healing session with my Theta teacher as a way out of her continuing health issues.

We went both to my teacher’s house and I left my Mom for the session.

When she came back home I realized that something stunning had happened to her because she looked in a very different way and her entire presence was brighter and better than before.

To make the long story short let me briefly explain what occurred to me 5 days after the session.

It was Saturday afternoon and I was having fun with some friends at a pub when suddenly I felt a light prick in my left foot that appeared out of the blue without any particular reason.

It was really not very painful, but continued for 3 – 4 hours, can you imagine this.

Firstly, I thought that there was a pebble in my shoe or that I had possibly a prickle on my foot. I observed it very carefully but there was nothing wrong there. The following day on my way to work I felt the same and suddenly I realized that my intuition was trying to tell me something. However, at that time I was not able to catch it and understand it because I myself had passed through huge transformations and challenges during that last month and was in a quite stressful state.

Just to clarify that I had passed the basic and advanced levels of the Theta healing course and was consistently applying the Theta meditations in my life but nevertheless I continued to be emotionally attached to my Mother and at the same time I was very anxious and depressed by all those transformations which were going in my own life. Regardless of all this, I was sure that something new and powerful was waiting for me just around the corner /moreover it was a few days after my birthday/ when I organized the Theta healing session for my Mom.

So when these issues with my left foot occurred to me I thought I could have done something wrong, so I picked the phone to talk with one of my friends – an amazing woman, who is a clairvoyant and an energy healer for a very long time.

She confirmed that I really had done something unnecessary in the sense that I had stepped forward but there was no need to do this.

She added that I had tried to do an unrequested good and the energy of all that process had come back to me at the form of pain in my left foot.

When I asked her if all this was connected with my Mom she said “yes” and told me what to do to get rid of that energy.

This is not the first time when I offer such “favors” for my beloved people being sure that I have already trained myself to follow my inner guidance, moreover that I have been on my journey of personal development and growth for so many years and I have studied many of my life lessons in the hard way.

So what is the real recipe for things and processes like that?

It is to stay consciously aware and awake /as I thought I really was/ to listen to your inner guidance but not when you are in such an “angry and stressful state” because anger and stress have nothing to do with being consciously aware and making conscious efforts and right decisions, especially when you know from your previous life lessons that it is all about you and your attitude to life, so only you can change it and improve it.

I did not tell my Mom where we were going and although she wanted to have a healing session with my teacher, at the same time she had resistance to the Theta healing method. In my view, on subconscious level she tried to please me as her daughter by just “taking a glance at the Theta healing state”

I am the more consciously aware person in our family, I know it. I also knew from my previous experience that the karmic energy released from doing an “unwanted good” would come onto you no matter who the recipient is.

My plan of action was firstly, to do the practice recommended by my friend of cleansing my auric field, and secondly, to do a retrospection so that to understand that it is Me and only Me that is responsible of my own life but not of my Mom’s destiny and way.

I definitely came to the conclusion that you can help others only with their allowance and acceptance by fully respecting their free will and choice in the process itself. So, there is no need to help others in “your own way and as you think is good”, especially if they have not asked you for support. Also, if they view things in a different way, you may negotiate with them, but cannot impose your perspective unless there is some kind of a mutual agreement between you. Also, if you are not at the same level of consciousness and spiritual development, you have to be very careful not to violate the universal law of free will no matter is they understand this or not.

That is why this pain came to me from my Mom to teach me the valuable lesson of respecting others’ free will. In fact, I was the person who wanted the pain to be released from my Mom without allowing her to learn her lesson and become aware of the reason.

Summarizing all this, I want you to remember that you are the only person who plays the central role in your life.   However, you are not the person “behind the scenes” who is entitled to rule the life of your family and closest friends.

If you take responsibility for everything that comes into your way, you will become the master of your life, but you cannot interfere with somebody else’s affairs, if you are not asked to. Even then, you need to ask and follow your inner guidance whether to interfere or not and do what is for the highest good of all involved. By the way, you are obligated to serve good for yourself and only in this way you can increase your vibrations and affect positively all around you. You are not expected   to make others reinforce their will of what they can put and create in their life, but you can inspire them by your own example, whenever you walk your talk

I challenge you to begin observing your thoughts, feelings and states and do it for at least a week, so that to see what is good in your days and what is not so good, but do not try to push others to take their decisions, especially if you are stressed yourselves or if some huge and powerful transformations are taking place on your way.

Remember that no one can violate the universal law of free will because it is the foundation of life on our planet.

If you have had some kind of similar experience in your life feel free to share it because we are all connected and regardless of the differences between us, we all share the Arena of Life to learn and grow and we are all interacting and co-creating our reality as one collective consciousness in the unified field of all that is. Sometimes we feel separated, weak, unhealthy and stressed but if we integrate the lessons and gifts of such states, that will train us to be stronger, wiser and happier and will finally result in raising our consciousness and having bright and prosperous future. That is my vision for harmonious, peaceful and abundant life for all is possible now.

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