The Most Important Practice that Helps Reducing Daily Stress

Let’s talk about how to find a way that serves you best in order to reduce or even eliminate your daily stress which could be very beneficial for you if you want to live a better and happier life.

Stress is the number one reason for all modern diseases as it blocks our immune system and paralyzes our self-healing powers. Therefore, if you accumulate stress in a long term without being able to handle it properly, you will certainly become exhausted and will feel energy drained almost all the time.

Life is never so ordered and simple as it is supposed to be because of the free choice we have as our birthright and the lessons we must learn from our challenges.

We often complicate it additionally when we want only to receive and our motto is “I want it now and it should be my way”.

However, we are living now in a new paradigm – that of oneness, not of separation – which requires a completely different approach to life, so we need to attune ourselves to these new conditions and energies transforming ourselves at first place to be able to create our new reality in co-operation with others, reducing or even eliminating the daily stress and living a better and happier life.

If you can simply accept yourself as you are with both your virtues and shadow sides; if you can just accept what is occurring in your surroundings – both positive and negative – then you will make the first step towards inner peace and happiness in life. Why? Because by accepting things instead of struggling and fighting them you will bring all your energy back to the physical body and will stop “working against” what is happening in your life: thus you will facilitate your life and master your attitude to life.

After many years of struggles I have finally found out what serves me best and how to apply it on a daily basis in order to transform my life.

Each time when I feel deep in connection with my true self and reflecting on the ongoing events, if I perceive that I “have attached myself” to something, I practice the following technique of detachment:

I ask myself the simple question “Can I embrace what is happening right now? Do I need a better understanding or more clarity to focus on the present moment and simply observe what is going on?”

The moment you detach yourself from your stress or anger you change the energy of the moment and it becomes easier for you to understand what triggers you to be stressed or exhausted with that particular thing and what you need to learn and change in your life.

You can start right now to implement this simple technique throughout your day if you want to be flexible and fully present in the now, which will reduce or even eliminate your daily stressors. It will also help you observe yourself and master your attitude to what is coming into your reality – both positive and negative.

Remember that your inner world of wishes and states is projected onto the outer one, so the way you operate inside brings the desired results that will improve and brighten your reality. Wish you success!

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