How to Use the Orange Color as a Remedy for Stress Relief

How to Use the Orange Color as a Remedy for Stress Relief

Let’s talk about colors and how by using a specific color you can reduce the daily stress in a certain very effective way in order to have a happy and abundant life as a result. Let me briefly explain why orange is the “must used” color, if you want to reduce your daily stress. Here are some facts you have to know about the orange color that may help you reduce your daily stress:

  1. Orange strengthens your aura as it is always associated with the Sun which is the most powerful source of life force, bringing light and warmth to the planet Earth and its beings, so it has a very strong healing effect.
  1. Orange is a shiny color associated with the energy of sunsets and sunrises. It can stabilize your emotions, because it is the most sociable and friendly color in the Light spectrum.
  1. It is the color of happiness and social contacts.
  1. It stimulates your positive attitude to life and its challenges that will certainly reduce your daily stressors in a very simple and natural way.

We all know how sensitive women are and they have the ability to feel 10 times deeper than men but we as females often neglect our senses warnings like our “gut instinct” and our intuition which are at times more powerful than our logical mind. But the simple truth is that our modern life is ruled by the logical mind. Usually the “gut instinct” acts like a ding-dong telling us “Be careful now, something is going wrong”.

Our “gut instinct” is represented by the orange color.

Orange is the color of vitality. It is a very sociable and friendly color. It helps us let go of all worries as it is the color of happiness and joy. It is the color of creativity and social contacts. Children adore this color because it is very releasing, playful and joyful. But I know from my own experience that orange is the most rejected and under-used color in modern life. Being a very logically oriented person I had some troubles to introduce this joyful color to my everyday life.

I had to deal with many transformations in my life so far and I can assure you that the “orange therapy” was the most comfortable way for me to face new life challenges especially after December 2012. I had to deal with many challenges and changes in my life while working with the orange color because orange inspires you and in fact it is the real color of transformation and change. So, let me briefly explain the most common mistakes you make while dealing with it. If you experience some difficulties while using orange throughout the day, it is probably because:

1. You are resistant to change.

After December 2012 we are living in a new world in which the timelines are accelerated, so you can manifest things much faster than before. The old world does not work anymore and we have to attune ourselves to these new conditions and to change our attitude to life if we want to be fully present on the flow.

2. You stay only in your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone is not a smart decision for you because in this way you stay only on a stage where everything is well known and secure. You don’t take chances and opportunities life gives you in order to become the real master of your won reality.

3. You often play the role of a Life Victim. You often complicate your life journey when you try to do all things and your motto is “I want it now and it should be my way!” This way you block the Universal support and guidance for you. You don’t trust the Universe that it will bring you all the things you need in the right time and in the right moment when you are allowing things to happen in a natural and non-persistent way.

Orange brings you positive attitude to life; it inspires you and accumulates positive energy around you.

4. You are not tolerant to people and you don’t accept others the way they are. Remember that the only thing you can control in life is your behavior which consists of all these thoughts, words, statements, feelings, emotions and childhood patterns that are grounded in us by our family and surroundings.

If you constantly try to change people in order to be happy this is not the way for you to go! I have written many articles on my Internet blog about the mirror theory stating that everyone and everything is your mirror reflection, because it shows you a physical level that you need to change something deep inside yourself in that particular situation or with that person who becomes you teacher. So I suggest you to get aware of these mistakes if you want to introduce this powerful healing vibration into your surroundings. Let me share how I did it for myself.

Technique Description:

It is very simple but effective: to put an orange sheet of paper on your computer desk at the office to look at it all day long if you want to get the dosage that you need in an easy and simple way. Right now is the time to introduce the orange color to your everyday life because after 2012 we are living in a new reality and we manifest things much faster than before. So, it is good to attune ourselves to the new world we all encounter in order to create a stress-free and abundant life. And you can use orange when you want something with passion and desire.

It is also good to know that the orange color will help you create everything you want in life through small but persistent changes which are quite easily to accept and do.

You may achieve really outstanding results with the support and by the regular use of the orange color, especially if you use it consciously and devotedly.

Wish you success!

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