How Everyday Abundance can Help you Release the Daily Stress

Let’s talk about “everyday abundance” and how to practice it regularly in order to release the daily stress.

The opposite of “everyday abundance” is everyday lack. Most of us as human beings are wired to the lack mentality and have struggled a lot with this process.

I have been there too and for many years as I had that lack mentality which made me feel tired and stressed at the end of the day.

In fact, most of us have this big issue while it comes to “everyday abundance” as we tend to see it only in money and the material things which we want to possess in life.

Well, there is nothing wrong with that as we live in a material world, so having enough money on a daily basis is important and sometimes even crucial when it comes to saving someone’s life for example with a surgery that pops up unexpectedly.

However, the problem with having abundance in our everyday life becomes huge when we think that we are underestimating something because at the end of the day we feel tired and stressed.

It is a well-known fact that “everyday abundance” can and will facilitate your life for sure as it gives you a sense of security and satisfaction along your way.

If you could understand that you are abundant at all times from the day you were born to the day you die.

I am writing this article because yesterday I had a big “aha” moment and according to my doctor and best friend I rediscovered the simple truth that if you think you lack money and your point of view comes from that lack mentality, you will experience lack in all other areas of life because when you vibrate on the “state of lack”, the Universe is “looking after” you by giving you more and more of what you are emitting.

I remember sitting yesterday at my doctor’s office and complaining about my life, about the information on my blog and so on, when suddenly she told me:

“If you want to make the Creator laugh tell him about your plans for tomorrow”.

I did not smile at her words but accepted them as a remark, so I decided to introduce the “abundance” state into my life and first do it as a powerful practice on a daily basis but then allowing it to become my constant state of being. I was aware how a controlling person I was and how I wanted to create everything in my reality “my way”, but decided that time to be more flexible and follow my inner guidance.

Initially I began with asking myself some simple questions:

Was I healthy and good looking?


Was I supported by a great family?


Do I feel I have not enough money even for paying up my bills?

Of course, I have enough money. Moreover, I have that feeling of security that we all women want to have it in life as I work on a full-time job and on a steady salary which is not as big as I would like it to be but still it brings me the opportunity to live well, to learn new things and advance on my journey on Mother Earth.

So, while my friend and doctor was measuring the pulse of my life journey I realized all of a sudden how well I was; how wealthy and prosperous my life was as in fact the lack was only in my mind.

My doctor told me to use a simple practice which I did after the appointment.

Practice Description:

When you feel you have “not enough money” to meet your everyday needs, go and buy some present for yourself without asking any questions about the price.

The moment you start thinking how much it costs and whether you could afford it or not, abundance just “goes away” from you, because money is energy and they feel when you are not open to receive them in one or another form.

You negotiate with yourself instead of opening your entire being to their energy, so that the everyday abundance could come to you through the Cosmic Gates as it is supposed to do when you are not just slapping the front and back doors in front of its face but welcome it with joy.

I know it sounds a little bit strange, but it is true.

The moment I realized that through my doctor’s guidance I applied this technique and it worked perfectly for me.

So, I went and bought myself a gorgeous silver ring – very expensive and really unique.

It was my way “to remember” what everyday abundance was and every time I look at the ring, it will symbolize that great energy of abundance being present with me always. I introduced that great energy to my everyday life and the ring was a part of that process as I had it on my finger not only on holydays but also in my day- to -day life: thus, I was able to integrate that great energy of abundance (e.g. money) and allow it to remain in my life.

My silver ring is my “abundance mark” that will always “be in touch” with me throughout my entire journey on Earth.

Right now you can think about what “everyday abundance” means to you and how you can implement it in your life in order to release the daily stress and live a better and a happier life.

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