Saying “NO” Reduces Women’s Stress Tremendously

Let’s talk about the way of saying “no” when life treats you badly and you feel stressed and exhausted most of the time. Setting up your boundaries and being qualified in saying “no” is very important in today’s strenuous busy life. Women work equally with men, but they wear different hats and have different roles in life, so saying “no” is a kind of art and it has to be trained for achieving better results thus providing more time and opportunity for your priorities.

Speaking about myself, when I am overwhelmed and have to say “no”, the situation becomes even worse. I cannot easily say “NO” in general, so when I am overload, I really feel guilty that I cannot cope with things, so I cannot refuse either, which will be the normal decision in such case. When you are overwhelmed, you feel guilty about this state and so you think that you should do more and more, feeling unable to say “no that is enough”. However it is very important to get out of that inner struggle of yours. I can tell you from my own experience that I really succeeded to change this pattern of becoming exhausted and worn out by slowing down my daily rhythm of activities.


Stay at a quiet place, calm down, remain for a while and really listen to yourself saying “YES” and “NO”. Keep doing it, observe how you feel both ways, be resourceful and be grateful. Practice it until you start making the right decisions once again and recognizing that smart self you used to be when acting without tension and rush.

How to deal with confusion and stress?

It is not an easy process to carry out and it needs persistence to complete it. Saying “no” in a simple, gentle way is really an art. It helps you bring your energy back improving your entire environment. You become more powerful and influential, when you know your own boundaries and abilities stating them in a constructive way. Then people will respect you, your time and efforts, and that should be mutual. Here I am going to tell you my secret for success and that is the number one tip which has always served me in my life journey. When I feel my energy down, when I get tired and exhausted, I know very well that I need some rest, so I have to stop my work for awhile. What I do is spending some tine in relaxation and concentration in order to balance my mental, emotional and physical energies.

Mudra Technique

I usually do one special mudra called “life saver” It opens all energy channels in the physical body and soon you become still, balanced and centered.

Description of the Life-saving Mudra

The index finger folds into a circle touching the base of the thumb. The thumb pad touches the pads of the middle and fourth finger, while the little finger sticks up. You make this finger gesture on both hands for at least 1-2 minute. Execute this mudra every time you feel unsecure, confused, guilty or when you know it is time for you to say “no” and prioritize what you do in your daily life. Use this technique on a daily basis and observe how it will help you improve all areas of your life.

Right now you can begin to implement this simple tip, which I shared with you. Remember to apply it every time you feel depressed, exhausted, worried overwhelmed. When you cannot stand anymore the situation in which you are, you can simply say “no” and change the course of things in order to have more rest and entertainment, more fun and joy, more vitality and rejuvenation to be able to fulfill your duties in life.

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