How to Make a Choice between Love and Fear?

Love is most important for our survival because, we could not deal successfully with all this bunch of stuff in life, if we do not love ourselves just the way we are here and now. When we masters Love with a capital letter and become more aware of its paramount significance for all existence, that will reflect all areas in our life in the most powerful and unique ways.

So what is Love? Is it a state of being, a principle, a power, a feeling, an emotion or all these things combined together? Every one will give a different answer to this question. We are unique and we understand things, incl. Love in a different manner. For me, Love is the essence of our daily life being, so Love is our natural inherent state of being.

We are all born to be happy and loved. Love is our birthright and our destiny. We all need it and we all are able to give Love no matter what it means to us, how we name it and how we express it. Nevertheless of its numerous forms of expression, Love makes us feel satisfied and fulfilled when we have it in our life.

Love is inherent to us because it is set up (by default) in every cell of our physical body, so each particle of ours vibrates with Love. Love is the deepest essence of all that we are, so it connects us all in unity and oneness. Love can solve all misunderstandings and conflicts, Love can reconcile all contradictions and adversaries, Love is the true healer of all pains and sufferings, it is the basis for true peace and inner balance – and it is very important to feel and understand the true meaning of Love for us in order to be alive, happy and healthy.

Loving and respecting ourselves just because we are here now with our unique presence and important missions, just because we are alive and using the most precious gift of Life in the best way we can, or in other words, self-love, self-respect and appreciation for life itself is a very simple way to reduce daily stressors and live a healthy and wealthy life. I really know what True love in action is when I accept and honor each and every bright part of me as well as each and every shadow of me treating them all with full respect and mastery.

Remember that when we love ourselves and treat all our parts and aspects with respect we can feel wholesome and integrated, and we can also love other people and beings treating them all in the same respectful and kind way.

How can we love and respect others if we cannot love and respect ourselves?

Expressing the feelings of love, respect, kindness and gratitude is not an easy thing, but it is really awarding, if you try to apply it. I know it from my own experience. Years and years in run I went through all my childhood patterns and found out that I had been blocking the expression of my emotions because I was told it was it was ridiculous to show them at home, at school, at the University, etc. It took me a long time and many conscious efforts to discover what practices work the best for me in order and to change my attitude to many things in my surroundings. I found out that the way you feel is expressed through your life presence. People are attracted by you when they feel you love yourself unconsciously.

Remember that loving and respecting yourself does not mean weakness and tearfulness, but it is a good to be always grounded to the Mother Earth and to know how gorgeous you are right here and right now. Self-love and self-appreciation are truly connected to Love itself as the most important principle in life. I needed some time to perceive and figure out how radiant I am– and it is when I begin to consciously love and respect myself. The way I treat myself corresponds to the people and situations I am attract to my life now and it also provides me with vibrant health and more time for fun and joy.

Action Steps:

1. Make a statement that no matter how life triggers you to react, you will always love and respect yourself. This simple technique is very useful one and all you need are 5 min to do it (you can also put it down in your journal).

2. Every morning when you get up, look in the bathroom mirror and say to yourself aloud “I love you! I need you just the way you look and I respect you of being in my life!” Do this simple thing for at least one week and you will notice how you will start to treat yourself with respect and love.  The others will change your attitude to you accordingly.

Right now it is the time to act and make Love a reality for you! It is not your position in life that matters … but choosing to do what matters most in life for you and make it come true. It is that simple. By doing what matters most in life… moment by moment… you will be creating your real success in life and your true happiness and fulfillment… thus you will influence others along the way for the highest good of all, everyone and the Whole. Are you making each moment count from now on?

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