When a Woman Is Stressed How to Make the Right Choices and Change Things?

Making the right choices in complicated situations is very useful, if we want to become more consciously aware of ourselves and be able to enjoy our life journey. Awareness in life reduces dramatically stress triggers, so and we have more time for fun and rest, and more opportunities to meet our own needs, goals and desires, and also to develop our gifts and talents. It is all about emotions and negative reactions when we consider the women’s stress.

Busy life, multitasking, job duties, career requirements and family obligations are some of the things women have to take care of in our modern times. Stress triggers us in one or another way almost every day and most of the time we play the same old game not taking the risk to leave our comfort zone and introduce positive changes. It finally leads us to overweight, depression and energy drain. The exit of this deadlock is to make the choice to heal yourselves and find the way to deal with your current stressful life and with the situation or persons in particular that brings you out of control.

Your reactions to such things in life determine the quality of your being. Like attracting like is a universal law and it works no matter whether we recognize it or not. The more you become tired and overwhelmed, the more you attract situations, people and recourses of the same frequency and in this way you receive more of what you emit outside as your own unique combination of vibrations at a given moment or over a period of time. And vice versa, the more positive and happy you are, the more of the same energy you will receive from the Universe in response.

Often you may feel like being caught in a wheel, repeating the same things many times and acting as a robot. You feel it could be different, but you do not know how to break this vicious circle. As I have always told you: take some time to start listening to your intuition. This little quiet voice in you knows what is best for you. Your intuition is your guidance that speaks to you always and especially in difficult situations, but you have to be attentive and to stay in silence and concentration in order to hear it. Intuition or your subconscious knowledge can protect you, it can even save your life and if you are trained to listen to it and follow it, it will help you live a joyful and fulfilled life.

Your physical body is a very tangible instrument that helps you understand what is useful for you and what is not for you. It shows you sometimes in a very painful way, that something is going wrong and you need to stop for a moment, and think about it and introduce some changes. Taking care of your physical body and listening to its needs is the best way to reduce your every day stressors and to enjoy life fully and truly as it is.


To make a review of a situation, in which life has treated you badly or not in the way you wanted, I suggest you based on my own experience, to pay attention and be aware of the way you feel as a physical response to your review.

  1. Stay relaxed and quiet for a minute or two.
  2. Reviewing a situation, ask yourself, mentally “Do I really need this? What is the worst thing in the world that could happen to me now in this situation/with this person? Will all this really matter for me after a year or two?”
  3. Listen to hear the answer that your intuition will give you.
  4. Be aware and observe the sense you feel for this answer into your physical body.
  5. If you feel happy and pleased, congratulations, you did a great work to learn the solution from inside! And if you are determined to follow this inner guidance now and always, you made the right decision, success in applying it!

Try to do this practice every time, when you have to make a choice and take an important decision about a situation or a person in your life journey. Decide now to always ask your intuition and make the right choice how to resolve a complicated situation or how to treat a person who makes you angry and stressed. Try to be relaxed and calm in order to hear what your intuition whispers within you. Observe the feelings in your physical body to see and feel how to adopt changes. When you feel happy and pleased, you have done your inner work well. Try to practice this with different situations and persons and make notes of the results.

This practice is very beneficial for me and helps me see many things beneath the surface. My advice is to really trust the process and surrender to it. I will be glad, if you are willing to share your experience with me. Good luck!

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