How to Use Yellow for Reducing Women’ Stress

Let’s talk about the use of yellow as a simple device to reduce the daily stress in women’s life. Yellow is the color of detachment. For me yellow is the color of my life lesson and I work with it for a happier and meaningful life.

Yellow is the color of the third energetic body center located in the stomach area and more specifically, in the upper abdomen. Yellow is associated with intellect and mentality; it is also the color of originality. It implies freedom, wisdom and joy. New abilities and clarity of thought are related to yellow.

Yellow is diplomatic, analytical and charming. It can make money in a gentle and simple way. Yellow is also sunny, curios, clever and tolerant. Self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth are connected with the yellow color. It helps the mind to detach from a situation and see the overall picture clearly. It will support you to be logical about all things in life.

Yellow in its negative connotation corresponds to the feeling of shame and fear, but it also enhances the right to act. The yellow affirmation is “I trust myself in all I do and create in life”. Its regular use helps us become life creators and manage all things we do. The easiest way to reduce your daily stress based on the yellow color is to clear your house of ‘junk’. Another way is to have a shower, to have fun or go shopping clothes.

You can start right now to increase the use of yellow color, if you want to rule your life and reduce your daily stress levels. Start doing one of these simple tips to see what works best for you. Dedicate time to yourself on a daily basis and spend it for fun, entertainment and communication with positive and optimistic people who make you feel happy and energized. Practice this for at least 7 days to see all the benefits that will come into your life. And I will be happy, if you share your results with me.

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