Taking off the Masks to Reduce the Daily Stress

Let’s talk about the different masks we use to protect ourselves from daily stressors. We wear different hats and play various roles as a way to respond to the social requirements. However, things change and at some point we understand that we cannot continue in the same way as our old beliefs and behavioral patterns do not serve us anymore. Thus the challenges emerging in our life trigger us to change ourselves, if we want to live in peace and joy.

I have tried to observe myself for some time in order to discover my most used masks and preferred roles in life. Do I play the role of a life victim? Do I want to control everyone and everything as most modern women do in their life journey? Two years ago a few of my close friends told me that I had changed a lot and was not wearing the mask of control any more. I remember how proud I was to hear that and how many efforts I made to remove this mask.

Some time ago I  set my intentions about how to change my life after 21st December 2012. And when I opened a random book from the shelf I was surprised by the precise guidance I received. The book opened on the page where the author was explaining in details the physical characteristics of injustice: the mask which corresponded to this was called “the stiff person”. I know from my previous experience that the masks one wears are usually more than one. So next  I was surprised  to open the book on the  page describing the rejected personality and the corresponding mask was of “the runner”. It was not easy for me to face that sign after all practice I have done on a daily basis aiming at my personal growth and development. Moreover, I knew how much work should be consciously done to remove those masks and see the results on a physical level.

So, can we do such self-observation on a regular basis to expand our awareness and consciously work with the various masks life triggers us to wear? I highly recommend you this practice that is simple, but very effective and had really helped me deal with the issue of control.


Every time you feel that you need to control a person or a situation, begin to count down from 10 to 1 and consciously focus on your breathing. Then say to yourself “This is not my film, I am not in this person’s body and mind, this situation is not mine. I kindly forgive myself for being involved in it”. Finally, try to see the situation or the person involved through the eyes of unconditional love, because the feeling of love is of much higher vibration than the feeling of anger and shame. Do this every time you feel that you put a mask in order to protect yourself from life and others. Do this every time you feel that you do not act from your heart and for the highest good of all, everyone and the Whole. Do not forget that we are all connected and all empty space has to be filled with love and joy for a better world and beautiful healthy environment.

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