How to Use the Violet Color for Reducing Women’ Stress

Violet is the most inspirational color for it helps our consciousness open to higher levels. It is the color of the last energy center in our physical body located at the top of the head or at the edge between us and the space thus connecting us to the higher consciousness. Violet is composed of two colors or energies masculine red and feminine blue energies.

Violet stands for the spiritual mastership and power. It is the color of dignity and self-respect. Unconditional love is violet and it brings us to higher realms. This color corresponds to the universal consciousness. Violet helps you be at peace with yourself and the world, it enhances you to love and accept every moment in your life. It also assists you to calm down and have a better sleep.

I suggest you to use amethyst, because it will support you to achieve peace and clarity of the mind and to have finer perceptions, especially in meditation. It also offers protection from negativity and calms down the nervous systems healing headaches and mental disorders. It is a crystal everyone can use throughout the day.

Another way to reduce stress and live in peace is to meditate every day for at least 10 min as the first thing that you do in the morning. Start meditating with focusing on your breadth with calm and equal inhales and exhales. Imagine the violet light pouring down through your body and penetrating every cell and fibre, so that you are truly and fully purified and empowered. Do this for at least 21 days and observe the changes that will occur in your life. You can start right with the use of violet for stress relief. Remember that any kind of artistic expression of motion and emotion such as drawing, dancing, running or cardio exercises are well connected with violet.

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