How to Use Red Color for the Purpose of Reducing Women’ Stress

Color work has inspired me for more than 5 years. I passed two trainings on color therapy and the healing aspect of color impressed me so much that I began to consciously use colors in all my daily activities. The art of color therapy is similar to art of living as it also enhances giving love and appreciation for all we have already attained in our life. Learning to use colors in the appropriate way can help you reduce your life stressors and bring more balance and joy to all areas of your life.

Researches have found out that our body cells vibrate on a determined frequency and we all live in a vibrating Universe. We have 7 main chakras in our physical body and these are the energetic power stations that collect and dispatch energy.

The first energetic centre, our root chakra, is the basic one and it is red in color. Red is the most dynamic color of the light spectrum and it is like a dynamo of power and unlimited energy. Red is active, passionate, intensive and direct. It is grounded, physical and traditional. The red center is located at the very bottom of the spine, it represents our foundation and it is responsible for our survival, so it is all about preserving life and feeling grounded and secure.

Life is conceived and begins through this center. Red energy connects us to Mother Earth and gives us the courage and strength to belong to this planet. Sometimes we do not get enough “earthly energy”, which is essential for our existence. As a result tiredness, apathy, depression and lack of energy have become characteristic features of our modern society.

Red is associated with the survival issues such as financial independence and abundance, money, food which availability helps us overcome our daily stressors in a very powerful way. You can use red when you want to be noticed. Wear red clothes when you want to express your courage and determination to face the world and cope with your daily stressors. Use red for more energy and power: and especially when you lack self-confidence, when you find it difficult to realize your dreams or, when you feel stressed and insecure.

A very simple remedy that you can apply on a daily basis is to kick off your shoes, put on the music and begin dancing in order to balance all your energies and have some fun. You can also do a few aerobics exercises indoors or some jogging for balancing your first center. Do this pleasant activity for min. 10 minutes daily in the course of 21 days and see how you will feel throughout your busy day and at the end of the 21-day period.

In conclusion, it is good for you, if you need to be more active to increase the use of red color in your food, drinks, clothes, etc. in order to raise your energy levels and to live a more dynamic and joyful life. Remember, mastering the use of red will help you get rid or fears and to apply your bithrright to be happy here now. Wish you success and will be looking forward to your shares.

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