How to Use Orange for the Purpose of Reducing Women’ Stress

In my article about using red as a remedy in a stress reduction therapy I have mentioned that the art of color therapy is like the art of living in terms that it also requires giving love and appreciation for all that you have in life. The conscious implementation of more colors on a daily basis will help you manage stress in a very simple and natural way and will result in a better and more harmonious life for you.

The second center in the physical body is associated with the creative abilities and it is orange in color. It is located in the area between the navel and the beginning of the pubic bone. Orange is related to vitality and is associated with the feminine energy. It is your ‘gut instinct’ that we feel when something goes wrong.

Orange is the color of joy. Orange is happy, energetic, emotional and very social color. It is also creative, optimistic and very friendly. Children adore this color because it is very releasing and joyful. Orange gives us the sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality. It helps us to let go of all worries as it is the color of happiness and joy.

Family and social relationships are also expressed in orange along with the feelings of warmth and comfort. Use orange when you feel unsecure or have been not treated fairly, when you really need to move on or when you need to face your hidden fears and life stressors. You can use it also when you are depressed or when your creative power is blocked. Guilt and the right to feel or your sensitivity are connected with the second energetic center in the physical body. Therefore, you can use dancing, painting or other creative activities , good healthy laughter and humor, well-cooked food, deep breathing exercises, socializing activities (chats and meetings with relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. as magical pills to heal your second energetic center and feel more comfortable in life. So, if you apply some of the things given above, you will considerably change your daily routine to better.

Practice simple dance movements for at least 10 minutes a day, preferably in the morning and see the results in 21 days. Remember that socializing, eating together around the table, dancing and playing with your children, doing some art activities for pleasure will help you reduce stress and enjoy life in a very easy and delightful way.

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