How to Use the Green Color for Reducing Women’ Stress

Working with colors to reduce your daily stress is very simple and gives fast and quick results. The use of green color will improve your health and raise your energy. You will get to feel happy, balanced and delighted at your life journey. Green is the color of the heart energetic center located in the center of the chest. Our heart is the connection between the physical and spiritual/is the connector of the physical and the spiritual.

Green is in the centre of the rainbow, so it is the color of balance between the cold and warm colors through unconditional love and compassion. Green stands for the energy of love, progress, freedom of thought and balance. Green is the prevailing color in nature and brings beauty and harmony into our lives. It gives stability, growth, nurturing and understanding for all things we do in life.

Green brings comfort to the world. You can use it when you need change, but are afraid to make it. You can apply green also, when you need good ideas or when you feel trapped by external situations. I myself did not like and use the green color in the past. Finally I found out about myself that at that time I was not ready to face the real world and be emotionally involved in it.

When I realized this I decided to buy a silver ring with a Russian jade to look at it as often as possible and admire the green color. Once I made this decision and announced my intention to the Universe, I was supported in a way that I received a gorgeous nephrite as a gift from a friend. It was form Russia and looked just the way I dreamed of. After that/Then I ordered a jeweler, who is my friend, to make me a fabulous silver ring with the nephrite. I start wearing it on a daily basis and used it as a remedy for all my worries and fears and every time I looked at it I expressed love and gratitude for all good things I had already received in my life. I am still wearing and admiring this gorgeous ring that brought so much delight to me. This was and still is my easiest and simplest way to implement the green vibrations in my life and reduce stress. I suggest you this, buy a green crystal or scarf for yourself and to start wearing it every day until you feel really balanced and harmonized.

Another way to bring all your energy back using the green color is to walk outdoor and enjoy nature. Remember massaging and hairdressing are also green activities. You can start right now to use green for reducing your daily stressors. Start doing these simple tips one by one and see what works for you. Pick up that one, which resonates best with you and observe the changes coming into your life. Remember that the green color introduces love, joy and inner peace into all areas of life. Wish you to be in the green and will be very happy to learn about your results.

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