How to Use the Blue Color for Reducing Women’ Stress

Blue is a color of male energy. When we use it on a daily basis, we will reduce our daily stressors considerably and have a better life. Blue connects the Earth with the vast Cosmos by the sky. Working with it brings peace, agility and truth into all areas of life.

Blue corresponds to communication and truthfulness. When we are true to ourselves and others, our heart and mind stay in harmony and our physical body is charged with energy. It is one of the universal colors for healing, especially children.

Blue corresponds to tranquility and patience. Truth, justice, integrity and peace are blue. Blue also creates an atmosphere for and calm and rest. It may look quiet but as the sky is always there, it is a natural healer. Listening and relaxation are blue activities. Blue is often used to awaken intuition and ease loneliness.

For many years I have had no idea that I can use the blue color as a premise for a peaceful life. When I start working with colors I wore a silver ring with a blue aquamarine as, I like silver jewelry very much. So, for me that was the best way to start using blue. Every time I looked at the aquamarine on my finger, it calmed me down soothing all my struggles and needs to be always perfect and right.

Aquamarine is a crystal that improves confidence and communication ability. Turquoise, on the other hand, is supportive and protective; it eases the flow of energy and reinforces the immune system. And they both are mainly blue in color.

I suggest you to buy for yourself a blue crystal and start using it on a daily basis. I did it myself and had great results. If you want to introduce more blue color into your life, you can do it right now. Remember to watch the sunset, chat with friends and walk for leisure (which are all blue activities), so that you may live in peace and harmony. Practice one of these helpful blue activities and notice how your life will become happier and calmer than before.

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