How to Feel Inspired and Live a Peaceful Life

Let’s talk about how living in inspiration and peace brings joy and harmony throughout your life journey. You get to feel more centered and balanced and you are on the track. Finding the proper way which inspires you will help you live a better and really abundant life.

Inspiration is a state of being and if we make conscious efforts to master it, everything in life changes to better. To understand what really inspires you is not an easy process and takes more time to be consciously done. Finding the best way of inspiration which would work for you is a true self-investigation, because we are all different in nature and different things inspire different individuals.

I know from my own experience that I am inspired when I am surrounded by positive people, whom I admire and contacts with them is my best source of inspiration. They are also my support network when it comes to more difficult situations and life challenges. To live an inspired life means to find a way of being in harmony with yourself: with all your thoughts and intents, feelings and desires, actions and behavior patterns. In every single thought that you have and plant, you put your energy and loving efforts: and this is the way in which you create things in your reality.

Thoughts, feelings and actions are all energy but they vibrate on different energetic levels depending on your attitude to life. If you see only negativity in your environment, you manifest it in your world and it becomes your surrounding because you believe in it and attract it to come true for you.

The Universe gives you more  of what you emit as vibrations, so if you nurture and produce negative energies that is what you will receive in response corresponding to the energetic band and frequency of your beliefs and behavioral patterns. To become a really inspired human being implies changing of your awareness of the world. It means to see the world with different eyes – the eyes of love, gratitude and kindness – and to feel that you are deeply connected with others in the supporting and holographic Universe we  live in.

Some time ago I had this problem of feeling separated, isolated and abandoned. I knew deep in myself that I had to change something within in order to meet the new challenges and changes in my life. I finally found out that if you looked at yourself and the world through the eyes of love and compassion, things changed fast to better.

When you are inspired by the true connection, which you may establish with your inner self that would resonate in the outer world, and the people around you would feel your authenticity on a subconscious level and would honor and respect you for that you truly are, and not for what you have pretended to be or for some of the roles you are playing. Moreover,  they would be willing to spare more time with you because you would inspire their life too.

So how to be truly inspired and attract the things you really want in your life? I suggest you to do this useful practice every time you feel you go in the wrong direction.

1. Listen to classic music because it calms down the nervous system and you feel soothed and in peace with yourself.

2. Listen to a guided meditation mp3 to calm down and to reconnect with your authentic self. There are many free meditations on the Internet today: just pick this one that serves you the best.

3. Read a book on a topic in which you are interested, in order to feel happy and relaxed. I personally prefer books on personal development and growth as well as books on fitness and nutrition because this is a nice way for me to stay on track.

Pick one of these tips that resonates best with you and do it for at least 21 days. Enjoy doing it for at least 20 min daily- preferably 10 min in the early morning and 10 min just before going to bed – then check the results. Be open-minded and accept the changes that will enter your life. Right now it is the time for you to act, if you want to change your life and introduce better health and wealth for yourself and others in this new era of the human evolution. Wish you success!

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