How Letting Go of the Past Reduces Your Daily Stress

Let’s talk about how letting go of the past helps you be fully present and on the flow of life. Changing all childhood patterns and behaviors and becoming mature is crucial for you to achieve your goals in life and be happy.

Have you ever thought about how everything in life happens because we somehow attract it in our reality? We could block ourselves due to some inherited features or due to old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us. Unconsciously we even punish ourselves by recalling something that has happened a long time ago. If we are able to let it go with a smile and gratitude for the learnt lesson, we could be fully present now.

There is nothing real for us but experiencing the present moment: the past has gone and the future has not yet come. If we realize this, we shall not waste our energy for something that happened in the past or that we are waiting for to achieve it in our future. It took me many years and conscious efforts to finally realize that only the present moment matters and it is in fact the key to eternity. Living in the past or waiting for the future is a way to hide ourselves from being present now on the flow.

Old habits and behavioral patterns were good for us and served us well in the past. But as everything changes constantly, we need to transform ourselves and our strategies too to be aligned with what is actual. Remember that everyone reacts or not in the best possible way according to their stage of personal growth and manifesting the family and childhood patterns grounded in his subconscious mind. What we think is what we get in life because we attract events and circumstances that correspond to our inner belief system.

We have the power to request and to get what we want from life as we are in fact life co-creators and we are the masters of our own reality. It seems there are some people who live better than the others, who attain everything in the easiest possible way. In fact, there is a vibrational scale of emotions out there and the Universe responds to it by supporting us with all the things we believe are true for us, so that they may become our reality. There is abundance in nature, so we are born to be happy and live in prosperity.

Remember that what you think is what you get and if you let go of the entire emotional and mental litter that no longer serves you releasing all the energy from it, something new and powerful will enter your life, because you would create the space for it. I have had this issue for a long time and finally found out the best and simplest way to deal with it. I suggest you to follow this practice, if you want to live in piece and harmony throughout your life journey. Every time I allow myself to dig in the past mentally, I begin to clean my house from things that no longer serve me. This could be anything you store in your house: – old clothes, CDs, fitness equipment, etc. Remember it is not supposed to be difficult for you like it was for me the first time I practiced that process. I was attached to my sport equipment and it was difficult for me to decide to give it away.

I felt the same when I looked at the books because I could not just throw them away, because they are really precious to me, so I asked one of my mentors what to do because I felt so unhappy. She told me to throw away only the things I was sure I should not use anymore and I understood that what mattered was the intention you put there before the Universe, e.g. that you are ready for something new to enter your life and you have a place for it to take it and use it. So I suggest you to start practicing this process of clearing because this is the way for you to manifest on a physical level that you are ready to move forward toward something new and transform yourself in a non persistent way.

Right now it is the time for you to start doing this process of creating space for something new to enter your life. Be open-minded and observe the changes without judging or criticizing yourself and observe how things will change to better. Wayne Dyer says “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” Cleaning your thoughts and emotions is a declaration to the Universe that you are ready to go onto the next level of your personal growth willing to live in abundance and peace.

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